Tuesday 28 November 2023

Revealing the Meaning of Code 12 and Code 14 on the Yamaha Aerox, What is the Cause?


Yamaha Aerox 155, is a motorbike that is liked by many users, but sometimes, owners face technical problems, especially when an error code appears on the instrument panel.

Two codes that often cause headaches and confusion are code 12 and code 14. Quoted from Yamaha Deta, let’s discuss further the meaning of these two codes.

1. Code 12 on the Yamaha Aerox: Sign of a Problem with the Crank Position Sensor

Code 12 on the Yamaha Aerox appears as an indication of an imbalance between the charging section and the electrical load on the motorbike.

Some causes involve problems with the Crank Position Sensor, which can cause the motor to suddenly stop and not be able to restart.

One possible cause is a burnt spool socket due to a short circuit, which can happen if the motorbike has been submerged in a flood or exposed to water.

In addition, the position of the bobbin socket close to under the wheel can also increase the risk of this problem. Users are advised to make warranty claims and keep the motorbike well maintained.

2. Code 14 on the Yamaha Aerox: Problem with the Sensor or Leak in the Throttle Body

Code 14 appears as a sign of a problem with the output voltage at the sensor or a malfunction in the sensor, especially those located in the Throttle Body.

Interference can come from unstable sensor output voltage, hole system malfunction, or leakage in the sensor. S

solution for code 14 involves checking the upper part of the Centric Gear, where it is possible that something has shifted from its proper position.

This can occur due to wild movement of the keteng chain, which is caused by the tensioner not functioning properly or damage to the camshaft bearing.

By carrying out proper handling according to the maintenance recommendations given, Yamaha Aerox owners can avoid the appearance of these two error codes.

Routine maintenance and warranty claims when necessary will help maintain optimal motorbike performance.

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