Thursday 30 November 2023

Beware Boncos, this is the budget you need to prepare when buying a used car for your first vehicle


Buying a used car for your first vehicle can be a smart decision, especially if price is an important factor in consideration.

For those of you who want to buy a used car as your first vehicle, there are several aspects you need to pay attention to to avoid unexpected surprises.

This article will discuss the budget that needs to be prepared after buying a used car, so that the experience of owning your used vehicle becomes more enjoyable and organized.

1. Service Budget

After buying a used car, the first step that needs to be taken is to service the vehicle. At a minimum, you need to change the engine oil, transmission lubricant, axle oil, and check other main components. This is important to ensure that the car is in good condition and can be used safely.

2. Taxes and Transfer of Name Fees

Don’t forget about tax obligations and transfer of name fees. Make sure to pay vehicle tax according to applicable regulations and arrange for the transfer of vehicle name as soon as possible after purchase. This is a mandatory and important legal step to prevent future problems.

3. Condition Adjustment

Adjust the condition of the car to your preferences and needs. For example, if the window film is too dark or the interior color doesn’t suit your taste, consider making adjustments. While this may be aesthetic, it can increase your comfort and satisfaction as a user.

4. Vehicle Cleaning Costs

Cleaning the vehicle thoroughly is an important step after purchase. You can choose to use professional cleaning services or do it yourself with the necessary equipment. Clean the interior and exterior of the car to make a good impression and maintain the vehicle’s value.

5. Driving Course

If you are not yet skilled at driving or want to improve your driving skills, consider taking a driving course. The cost of this course may vary, but it has long-term benefits for your driving safety and comfort.

6. Cost of making a driving license

Lastly, make sure you have a valid driving license (SIM). If you don’t yet have a driver’s license or need to renew an old one, budget for the cost of getting one or renewing one. Having a valid driver’s license is a legal requirement to drive a motor vehicle.

As a prospective used car owner for your first vehicle, it is important to prepare an additional budget after purchase. By factoring in service costs, taxes, condition adjustments, vehicle net costs, driving lessons, and the cost of obtaining or renewing a driver’s license, you can reduce potential problems and make the experience of owning your used car more enjoyable. Don’t forget, be careful!

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