Monday 27 November 2023

Tips for Riding a Motorbike in the Rain, These are Important Things to Prepare


Rain has started to fall towards the end of 2023. Motorbike users must be alert and careful when driving on the road.

The reason is that the conditions for riding a motorbike on wet and dry roads are of course very different. So what things need to be prepared to stay safe when driving in the rainy season?

The following are tips for riding a motorbike in the rain that can be applied by riders as quoted from Yamaha DDS 3, Monday (27/11/2023):


– Prepare a raincoat that suits your body size, suit model ( tops and bottoms) which is recommended to use it when it rains.

– It is recommended to use a helmet with a clear visor because when it rains it allows the helmet visor to fog up, disrupting focus when driving.

– Use rubber shoes, sandals are not recommended for maximum foot protection.

– Avoid braking suddenly and hard because during rainy conditions the tire’s grip on the road decreases.

– Keep a safe distance from surrounding vehicles because when it rains it requires a longer braking distance.

– It is recommended to use brightly colored riding equipment so that it is easily visible to other drivers and thus contributes to safe driving.


– Tires are in good condition (not bald), have standard air pressure so they don’t slip easily.

– Don’t open important areas (air filter, CVT area) so that the motorbike doesn’t break down or get damaged easily.

– Brake condition is good or grippy.

– All lights are in good condition (headlights, turn signals, brakes, twilight) so that they are easily seen by other drivers because dark weather reduces lighting.

Pay Attention to Weather Conditions

– Recognize road conditions (damaged, potholes, flooding) to avoid potential dangers when passing through that area.

– If the rain is heavy and interferes with visibility, you should pull over in a safe lane and obey the existing signs.

– If the conditions are drizzling, you should wear a raincoat, don’t wait for heavy rain.

– Don’t suddenly pull over to wear a raincoat to avoid dangers such as being hit by a driver behind you.

– If there is a fairly high puddle of water, it is recommended that you do not force your way through or break through, because it will disrupt the performance of the motorbike engine.

So those are the tips for riding a bicycle in the rain to stay safe while traveling.

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