Monday 27 November 2023

Make a trail motorbike your daily ride, here are tips for being able to ride on asphalt roads without slipping


Which idol comes to mind when you mention the activity of motocross? There is Travis Pastrana, the late Irwan Ardiansyah, and a number of names appear. This sport is exciting, combining vehicle engines with natural tracks that refresh the eyes and heart.

However, in line with the activities of off-road or trail motorbike enthusiasts, from the natural circuit these rides can move to the highway.

Yup, as quoted from the official Yamaha Territory VI release as received , Main Dealer PT Thamrin Brothers – South Sumatra & Bengkulu) reviews the potential of dual purpose trail motorbikes on on-road roads, aka asphalt tracks.

These cool motorbikes that explore the wild are brought to the highway for daily use, aka daily use.

Riding a dual purpose motorbike on a highway track requires certain techniques to be able to keep going safely [Yamaha Territory VI]. It is stated that trail motorbikes are increasingly popular with consumers and the off-road enthusiast community. However, it is not just a hobby, this type of dual purpose vehicle is used as a daily vehicle.

Generally, users who carry out their daily activities via on-road roads also use off-road character routes near their residence or work location.

Likewise, those who like off-road riding will feel closer to nature with this special motorbike.

With the capabilities of this dual purpose motorbike, users can enjoy various tracks. However, you need to remember, there are several techniques that need to be mastered so that the journey is smooth and fun.

The following are tips from Main Dealer Yamaha PT Thamrin Brothers (South Sumatra & Bengkulu) for off-road or dual purpose types, so that they can support smooth driving. The details are:

Check that the motorbike is in good condition before using it

Check the brakes, front, rear lights, turn signals and hazards. These parts have an important function in facilitating driving activities, so they need to be checked first. Use complete safety gear  mandatory  

Don’t forget a helmet, closed shoes, jacket, trousers, gloves. Don’t forget to use a trouser style raincoat and top when driving in the rainy season. Bring driving documents such as a driver’s license and STNK

Include mandatory equipment that must be carried when using a motorized vehicle, always carry your driving documents in a safe and easy to reach place when needed. Correct riding position

Driving style is adapted for driving on on-road roads. For example, the turning technique is done by leaning with the bike (the rider’s body is parallel to the motorbike). If a lean out technique is needed, choose one that is not too over (the body is too far from the body of the motorbike). Master the use of wide trail bike handlebars or handlebars. Hand position Relax in a sitting position adjusted to your height, avoid moving too far forward or backward. This will affect freedom when turning. Avoid squeezing between vehicles that are narrowly spaced because they will easily get caught by other vehicles. It is recommended. Adjust the speed according to road conditions. Avoid sudden and hard braking because dual purpose tires are not fully intended for driving on on-road roads, they have less grip than road spec tires. Adjusting the speed can affect tire grip. Be careful in the rainy season

Road conditions become slippery, so reduce speed and make longer stopping or braking distances.

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