Thursday 30 November 2023

Honda Electric Motorcycle Factory Will Be Built in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a Strong Candidate


Honda Motor Co will build an electric motorbike factory which will start operating in 2027. This is part of the Japanese automotive giant’s ambitious plans until 2030.

Daiki Mihara, head of Honda’s electric motorbike development division, at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, Wednesday (29/11/2023) said that Honda’s electric motorbike factory would likely be built in India and Southeast Asia.

Currently, Indonesia is one of the production centers for Honda motorbikes in Southeast Asia, as well as the largest market for Honda motorbikes in the world. Therefore, there is a chance that Indonesia will become one of the locations for Honda’s electric motorbike factories in the world.

Astra Honda Motor, holder of the Honda motorbike brand in Indonesia, has not yet opened its mouth about the plans of its principal from Japan.

Honda on Wednesday (29/11/2023) announced plans to build an electric motorbike factory in Southeast Asia which will start production in 2027. [Honda Motor Co Doc] Meanwhile, Mihara also promised that Honda’s electric motorbikes would be sold at a cheaper price, equivalent to the price of oil-fueled motorbikes currently on the market.

“We will sell electric motorbikes at the same price as ICE models,” he said.

While waiting for the electric motorbike factory to be built, Honda will utilize existing motorbike factories to assemble electric motorbikes.

Previously, Honda said it would invest up to 500 billion yen or around Rp. 52.7 trillion to develop electric motorbikes until 2030.

With that much money, Honda will launch 30 electric motorbike models and hopes that its motorbike sales in the world will increase to 4 million units per year from the previous target of 3.5 million units.

In addition, Honda also said it was developing a lithium ferro-phosphate battery. This battery will be used in 2025.

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