Wednesday 29 November 2023

3 Tips for Choosing Oil for Your Vehicle to Keep Your Engine in Top Shape


Caring for your vehicle is not only about maintaining its appearance, but also involves paying attention to the health of the engine. One important way to maintain engine performance is to choose the right oil. Here are three tips for choosing the right oil for your vehicle, quoted from My Pertamina:

1. Choose oil with a dilution level that suits the environment

When choosing oil, consider the dilution level, which is usually marked with the SAE code on the packaging . The Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) sets these standards for oil viscosity. Here’s a quick guide:

– Low dilution level, for hot temperature areas: Use oil with code SAE 15W-40 to SAE 20W-40. Suitable for hot temperature areas with motorbikes aged five years or less and mileage of less than 100,000 km.

– High dilution level, for cold temperature areas: Choose oil with a high dilution level such as SAE 10W-30 to SAE 15W-50. Suitable for cold temperature areas, motorbikes aged five years and over, and mileage of more than 100,000 km.

Make sure you choose a dilution level that is appropriate to the climate and conditions of use of your vehicle.

Illustration of changing motorbike oil. (Suzuki Indonesia) 2. Choose Oil with a High API Code for Heavy Engine Performance

Apart from the SAE code, also pay attention to the API code which determines oil specifications according to the American Petroleum Institute. Gasoline and diesel engines have different API codes. Gasoline engines have a code with the front letter “S,” while diesel engines have a front letter “C.” The API rating is indicated by the second letter, the higher the rating, the better the oil performance.

Example, API SH and API SJ, where API SJ has a higher rating. Make sure to choose oil with an API code that matches your vehicle’s engine type.

Illustration of pouring R2 motor lubricant [Shutterstock]. 3. Choose Oil According to Vehicle Type and Clutch Type

Pay attention to the JASO code on the motor oil packaging, which determines the type of oil based on lubrication tests by the Japanese Automotive Standard Organization. There are two JASO classifications:

– Oil for wet clutches (JASO MA): Suitable for mopeds and sports motorbikes with wet clutches. The MA2 option is more recommended because it lubricates the engine better.

– Oil for dry clutch (JASO MB): Best for automatic scooters with dry clutch. This oil is designed to wet the clutch lining without lubricating it.

By paying attention to these three tips, you can choose the oil that suits your vehicle’s needs, keeping the engine performance top-notch.

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