Tuesday 28 November 2023

Successful Automotive Lovers Take Nostalgia to the 90s Era


Group Otomotif 1990 announced the success of “Da90’s Lane Nostalgia”, an event inaugurated by the Head of the West Java Province Tourism and Culture Office, at Radio Park, Dago, Bandung City.

The event held last weekend has succeeded in bringing back fond memories of the 90s era, attracting attention and praise from various generations.

The opening of the event by the West Java Government marks the importance of this event in promoting regional automotive culture and history. Their presence and support underscores our shared commitment to preserving cultural heritage while encouraging tourism and economic activity in the region.

Nostalgia for 90s vehicles. (NMAA) Group Automotive 1990 is a community of automotive enthusiasts focused on cars from the 90s, committed to reviving and preserving the spirit and engines of that era.

“We are trying to bridge the past with the present, with the hope of evoking a feeling of nostalgia while highlighting the progress and development of the times,” said Ivan Karniawan, co-founder of Group Otomotif 1990, in his statement, Tuesday (28/11/2023).

Radio Park, Dago, was chosen because of its historical value which has become an icon of Dago in the 90s. Exhibition of classic cars such as Toyota Crown, BMW E30, Mitsubishi Colt, Daihatsu Feroza, and Maxda RX7.

Not to be left behind, participants from the 1990 automotive group and the national motorbike community who displayed various vehicles and fashion from that era also brought an authentic atmosphere.

The success of this event encouraged the Otomotif 1990 Group to plan similar events in various cities in Indonesia, with Bandung as the starting point, where Bandung has a rich and strong cultural, creative and automotive history.

Nostalgia for 90s vehicles. (NMAA) “We also thank the West Java Provincial Department of Tourism and Culture for its support. ‘Da90’s Lane Nostalgia’ is a symbol of an era that shaped many of us, and we are excited to bring this to more cities in Indonesia,” said Ivan Karniawan.

Meanwhile, the Head of the West Java Tourism and Culture Service, Benny Bachtiar, said that West Java, as one of the cultural centers in Indonesia, always supports initiatives that celebrate cultural heritage.

The “Da90’s Line Nostalgia” event is a real example of how we can celebrate the past, remembering automotive journeys that brought us beautiful memories.

“Apart from being an entertainment event, this event also presents West Javanese cultural performances. This is an opportunity to show the world the diversity and richness of local culture that we have,” concluded Benny.

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