Thursday 30 November 2023

Jupiter Community Celebrates 20 Years of Boundless Brotherhood


The Jakarta Jupiter Club (JJC) automotive community proves unlimited brotherhood in its 20th anniversary celebration on November 22 2023.

In celebrating the 2nd Decade Anniversary, Yamaha Jupiter Z Series motorbike lovers in Jakarta and its surroundings are holding a coffee land at The Girl Coffee & Eatery, Bogor on November 25 2023.

Attended by more than hundreds of members, the JJC 2 Decade Anniversary celebration event carried the theme “Proud of You, Proud of Us” because it can still stand tall to this day.

“Thank God JJC is 20 years old, we have gone through many ups and downs together, and this is not just about the club or motorbike community, but also about having become a second family who respect each other throughout the journey,” said Angga Marsanto , General Chair of JJC, Thursday (30/11/2023).

Jakarta Jupiter Club (JJC) Community Celebrates 20 Years. (Photo: JJC) “Thank you to the JJC members who were present to enliven JJC’s 2 Decade Anniversary, we can all get together again, meet each other’s misses at this event. “Hopefully in the future, the brotherhood at JJC will remain maintained, solid and continue to exist in the Indonesian automotive world,” he added.

Choosing the location for the JJC 2 Decade Anniversary celebration in Bogor, the members departed from basecamp on Jalan Pakubuwono VI, South Jakarta by doing a city tour on Saturday morning, 25 November 2023.

Arriving at the location, Yamaha Jupiter Z lovers are ready to start the event by sharing happiness with the orphans in Sukajadi Village, Bogor and praying for colleagues who have gone before other JJC members.

The atmosphere of warmth was increasingly felt during the screening of a documentary film on JJC’s 20 year journey as a motorbike community that is beneficial to society.

The success of JJC’s 2 Decade Anniversary cannot be separated from the support of several sponsors, such as Tekiro, Rexco, KYB, Mayora, Motul, Nutens, Cleo, Armor All.

Several Yamaha Jupiter communities from other cities also attended as a form of brotherhood among bikers, including KOJIMA (Jupiter Indramayu Community), Jupiter Riders Slawi, Jupiter Perantau, JESSI (Jupiter Evolution Series), Jerico Bekasi (Jupiter Riders Community) and SGCI (Soul GT Club Indonesia).

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