Wednesday 29 November 2023

Using ETLE Drone, Police Find 12 Violators in 15 Minutes


The Jepara Police Traffic Unit together with the Central Java Regional Police Traffic Unit monitors the orderliness of motor vehicle drivers in Jepara district using the ETLE Drone (Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement) system. In the trial carried out there were 12 violators within 15 minutes.

“Mostly two-wheeled and four-wheeled, two-wheeled with helmets attached, then there are 3-wheeled vehicles, also four-wheeled don’t use safety belts,” said Police Commissioner Indra Hartono, quoted from the National Police’s NTMC page, Thursday (30/11/2023).

According to Kompol Indra, the advantage of using an ETLE drone is that it can fly up to 20 meters and cover violations as far as one to three kilometers.

The violations referred to are visible violations such as not wearing a helmet, not using a seat belt, overloading, or an incomplete vehicle.

The public is asked to be orderly in traffic, because currently supervision of perpetrators of traffic violations has become more advanced, namely by using advanced technology such as the ETLE Drone, which can directly photograph disorderly drivers from a distance.

“This is also one way to create a conducive situation ahead of the 2024 elections so that they take place safely, orderly and peacefully in Jepara Regency,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kasi Gar Subdit Gakkum Traffic Directorate Central Java Police Commissioner Indra Hartono said that the ETLE team of the Central Java Regional Police and the Jepara Police Traffic Unit carried out monitoring and evaluation as well as socialization regarding the action against ETLE drones at the Traffic Unit related to the Gakkum unit and the ticketing unit at the Police Traffic Unit. Jepara.

“Because November and December are election months, we need to feel that this election month is conducive to elections, in this case digital law enforcement. So that later the public can carry out elections in a conducive atmosphere,” he concluded.

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