Wednesday 29 November 2023

Classy Yamaha Youth Festival Appears in Jakarta, From Fashionable Influencers to Ardhito Pramono Enliven the Event


Motorcycles and young people, an exciting formulation to put together in a wide container. This means that there are hobbies, youth enthusiasm, daily activities, including sports wrapped up in an event full of togetherness and carried out together.

As can be seen from the packaging activities of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing entitled Classy Yamaha Youth Festival.

Quoted from the official Yamaha Indonesia release as received by , after the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival was staged in Makassar City, the capital of South Sulawesi Province, the event is now appearing in Jakarta City.

During 24-26 November 2023, the multi-event event was held at Bulungan GOR, Jakarta. With participants belonging to the GenZ group from selected schools in the city of Jakarta, they were invited to watch the grand final of basketball, volleyball competitions, dance competitions, fun basketball matches with influencers, and even enjoy the performance of singer Ardhito Pramono.

“This year Yamaha is holding the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival youth event to facilitate the younger generation in creating. “With this competition, Yamaha provides an opportunity for the younger generation to channel their talents and hobbies, while strengthening ties with the Yamaha brand and Classy Yamaha products such as the Grand Filano and Fazzio which suit the character of today’s young people,” explained Johannes B.MS, Coordinator. Chief Yamaha DDS Jabodetabek.

Classy Yamaha Youth Festival on 13-23 November 2023 appeared in eight Senior High Schools (SMA) in an event entitled Roadshow Classy Yamaha Youth Festival.

The locations are SMAN 1 Jakarta, SMAN 3 Jakarta, SMAN 6 Jakarta, SMA Jubilee, SMAN 26 Jakarta, SMAN 70 Jakarta, SMAN 72 Jakarta, and SMAN 8 Jakarta. After the roadshow, the main event of the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival was held, namely the School Competition, on 24-26 November 2023.

During the roadshow at SMA 6 Jakarta, Miss Chinese Indonesia 2022 and Miss Chinese World Indonesia 2023, namely Kimberlyn Sugianto, were present. Miss Kim, as she is usually called, gave tips for SMAN 6 students to still look fashionable using Yamaha Grand Filano and Yamaha Fazzio mounts.

“We often think of fashionable as being trendy, up to date, expensive, changing things like that. But in my opinion, fashionable is appearing based on what suits us, can describe us and is comfortable. We can choose the first color “The color of the motorbike suits our character, so coincidentally there are lots of colors on the Grand Filano and Fazzio, some are blue, some are white, some are even silver, some are glossy,” said Miss Kim at the Classy Yamaha school to school roadshow series. Youth Festival at SMAN 6 Jakarta, Wednesday (15/11/2023).

It is true what he said that the Yamaha Grand Filano and Fazzio, which are included in the Classy Yamaha category, could be the favorite motorbikes of choice for young people who want to look different. Two contemporary motorbikes it is equipped with up to date features such as a Blue Core Hybrid engine.

A powertrain that provides a more powerful, environmentally friendly and reliable driving experience.

It has a Smart Key System feature which makes the appearance of this motorbike user even more classy and stylish. As well as attractive color choices to suit the user’s character, such as the elegant color variant in the Lux Version and an active appearance with the Neo Version color choice.

Various features on the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid and Grand Filano Hybrid Connected are the choice of today’s people who need a vehicle for mobility and with an attractive appearance or design.

Apart from Jakarta, the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival is also present in big cities in Indonesia such as Makassar, Bandung, Medan and Denpasar. The Classy Yamaha Youth Festival series will start from the School to School Roadshow then continue with the School Competition at the GOR or Sport Hall in each city.

Miss Kim, as she is usually called, gave tips for SMAN 6 students to still look fashionable using Yamaha Grand Filano and Yamaha Fazzio [PT YIMM] Roadshow events presenting exciting events such as fashion inspiration in collaboration with well-known fashion influencers in every city. Then the peak of excitement came during the School Competition which was held for 3 days over the weekend.

Next, the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival School Competition will visit Medan City from 1 to 3 December at the USU Provincial Government GOR with special guest star Kaleb J.

The following is a list of schools that won the Classy Yamaha Youth Festival Jakarta:


1st Place: Jubilee High School

2nd Place: High School 6

3rd Place: High School 3

4th Place: High School 26


1st Place: High School 72

ncc p 2nd place: SMA 8

3rd place: SMA 6

4th place: SMA 26


1st place: SMA 6

2nd place: SMA 8

3rd place: SMA 26

Miss Classy

Champion 1st: SMA 8

2nd place: SMA 26

3rd place: SMA 72

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