Wednesday 29 November 2023

Indonesia is a big market for world brands, the government hopes that the local automotive ecosystem will also develop


Our country is rich in natural resources which make it possible to make vehicles using raw materials obtained from within the country.

Call it lithium as the main material for making electric vehicle batteries. Also various other metals such as nickel. Or water and air as constituents of hydrogen which becomes a resource in the form of battery cells.

On the other hand, currently Indonesia is a potential market for automotive manufacturers from Japan. Also various brands from China and South Korea.

For these automotive manufacturers, Indonesia has an important position for the growth of their brands.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, automotive expert Yannes Martinus Pasaribu stated that Indonesia has great potential to have automotive brands.

Kurnia Motors electric car with Lithium-ion battery. (Kurnia Motors) That is the potential created by the nation’s children thanks to the abundant natural resources (SDA). Especially in the electric segment.

“Building a domestic vehicle industry, especially focusing on electric cars, both motorbikes and cars, seems possible to implement in Indonesia. “Indonesia has abundant natural resources, such as nickel, cobalt and lithium, which are the main materials for electric vehicle batteries,” said Yannes Martinus Pasaribu, an automotive expert from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

He added that creating a local vehicle ecosystem requires full support and trust from the Indonesian people themselves.

The government is also expected to provide many conveniences and special incentives for local vehicles in the future.

In this way, it is hoped that dependence on countries that supply many of the vehicles circulating in Indonesia will no longer occur. So the government is expected to continue building a roadmap to revive the local automotive ecosystem.

“It’s not easy, but all of the things above must be taken into consideration and a roadmap created,” said Yannes Martinus Pasaribu.

Apart from abundant natural resources that can only be utilized to a small extent, Indonesia’s position in the life of the automotive industry ecosystem in the ASEAN region also strengthens the creation of Indonesian-made vehicles.

Yannes Martinus Pasaribu stated that the potential of the nation’s children, who are currently being encouraged to be able to compete in the automotive industry, also has quite positive potential for the future.

“The existence of massive automotive downstream research programs related to automotive at universities in Indonesia, such as design, automotive engineering and manufacturing, also helps prepare human resources in this field,” he said again.

The positive steps taken by the government in preparing the nation’s children to be able to compete with developed countries, is something that must be appreciated for the progress of this industry.

This growth can also be seen, especially the work of several Indonesian manufacturers for electric buses, a series of electric conversion vehicles developed by universities, and the provision of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations or SPKLU.

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