Thursday 30 November 2023

Kiki Fatmala`s Obituary: Dismantling Engines to Solve Car Breakdowns and Washing Vehicles During the Pandemic


Kiki Fatmala, one of Indonesia’s legendary artists, has passed away on December 1 2023. Her name is etched in our minds after successfully starring in the soap opera Si Manis Jembatan Ancol 2 in 1994.

In this comedy horror story, she plays Mariam, a crime victim in Ancol Bridge which is determined to help people who are oppressed or experiencing misfortune.

Apart from that, this woman who was born on August 14 1967 has also starred in various feature films. One of his exciting roles that invited laughter and also proved his body goals was playing in the film Warkop Dono Kasino Indro.

Kiki Fatmala at a launch posing with a Vespa [picture courtesy qq_fatmala]. One of the scenes is fixing a problematic sedan engine herself while wearing a faded green mini skirt. Then in the scene, Indro is approached by the famous actor and comedian Indro Joyo Kusumonegoro.

Talking about cars as part of his lifestyle, Kiki Fatmala seems attached to the various vehicles he owns.

One of them is a Japanese brand Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) type with a white body that was photographed with it during the PPKM (Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her upload on social media Instagram, at that time Kiki Fatmala shared a story about how to maintain body fitness during the pandemic, she washed the car and wiped it until it was shiny.

Then regarding fitness which is part of body goals, this Pakistani-Minahasa-Sundanese woman has a studio called KiFa.

Although it is stated that the reason for Kiki Fatmala’s departure was related to health, in her uploads on social media, this figure shows the spirit of living to the fullest.

These include car rides around the places she likes, swimming with her family, and even a pilgrimage to Holyland with her husband, Christopher Herboldt, which she did at the end of March 2023.

Kiki Fatmala’s appearance as a skilled female mechanic in the film Warkop Dono Kasino Indro [picture courtesy qq_fatmala] . Evidence of how fit Kiki Fatmala is can be seen from her success in climbing Mount Hermon, Israel, part of the Golan Heights, which has water sources flowing into the valley, including the Jordan River. He added the caption, “Grateful to be here.”

Apart from always sending happy prayers to his followers and family via his social media, Kiki Fatmala also writes a series of motivational sentences. One of the most beautiful says, “Fear never helps change a situation, it actually makes it worse. Therefore, stop being afraid and learn to surrender.”

Goodbye Kiki Fatmala, may you Rest in Peace. Amen.

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