Wednesday 29 November 2023

Electric Motorcycle Subsidy Will Be Increased To IDR 10 Million, Association: We Really Hope


The Indonesian Electric Motorcycle Industry Association (Aismoli) is looking forward to the revision of the Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Regulations which will increase the electric motorbike incentive to IDR 10 million from the previous IDR 7 million.

General Chairman of Aismoli Budi Setiyadi said the additional subsidy would be able to boost sales and adoption of electric motorbikes in Indonesia.

“We also heard that ESDM is working on revising the ESDM Ministerial Regulation regarding the article on government assistance for the conversion of electric motorbikes, which was previously planned to be increased to IDR 7 million to IDR 10 million. “We really hope for what ESDM is doing,” said Budi at the EV Expo 2023 Inbuyer event at the Smesco Indonesia Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/11/2023).

Through the addition of incentives, Budi is optimistic that the realization of electric vehicle adoption will increase because the price will become more affordable. It was recorded that as of the end of September 2023, as many as 70,000 motorbikes had been on the road in Indonesia.

The growth of electric motorbikes and the electric vehicle ecosystem, he said, is also supported by the red carpet of regulations that have been issued by the government through Presidential Regulations, Presidential Instructions and Minister of Industry Regulations.

Not only through adding incentives, Aismoli also made efforts to accelerate the adoption of electric motorbikes by proposing November 29 as National Electric Motorcycle Day.

Budi said that the determination of National Electric Motorcycle Day was quite urgent considering that the issue of air pollution is not only in Jakarta. By increasing the use of electric vehicles, he continued, air quality can be improved.

“We know that most air pollution is the result of exhaust gas from the vehicles we use every day. “For the sake of our health getting better, the quality of our human resources getting better in the future, there is no other choice, we will start switching to electric motorbikes,” he said.

On the same occasion, the Deputy Secretary for SMEs at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Koko Haryono, believes that electric vehicles are one solution to the problem of air pollution and the increasingly depleting amount of global fossil fuels. Apart from making policies to encourage increased sales of electric vehicles, it is hoped that they will also become the main mode of transportation.

“Thus, today we will declare “National Electric Vehicle Day” which will bring together various stakeholders including government, private sector, individuals and other parties to continue to be committed to supporting the energy transition agenda from fossil to electricity in order to reduce carbon emissions,” he said.

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