Monday 27 November 2023

Supporting Fleet Consumers, Mitsubishi Fuso Inaugurates 2S Workshop in East Sumba


PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB), the official distributor of Mitsubishi Fuso commercial vehicles in Indonesia, inaugurated the 2S Fleet Customers Workshop after-sales service, in the operational area of ​​PT. Muria Sumba Manis (MSM) located in Wanga, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

The 2S after-sales service facility in one of the southernmost regions of Indonesia was inaugurated together with the PT dealer. Bumen Redja Abadi from Sidoarjo, East Java, announced KTB on Monday (27/11/2023).

The presence of this 2S Fleet Customers Workshop proves Mitsubishi Fuso’s commitment to supporting the smooth operations of fleet customers in remote areas which are very far from the dealer workshop. PT. Muria Sumba Manis itself operates in the plantation sector, especially sugar cane and sugar manufacturing.

The location is far from the city center and it takes time to carry out operational truck maintenance at the dealer, so the need for maintenance facilities and spare parts that are readily available near the operational location is very necessary.

“Mitsubishi Fuso will continue to strengthen its commitment to provide the best service for consumers both in terms of products and after-sales services in accordance with the needs of consumers throughout Indonesia. One of them is by adding 2S Fleet Customer Workshop facilities at PT. Muria Sumba Manis,” said the Department Head of Service Business Development KTB Dikdik Hermawansyah in his press release.

The 2S fleet customers workshop facility was built on an area of ​​560 square meters and has 2 stalls capable of accommodating 4-6 trucks per day and 2 20 feet containers, one of which is used as a Spare Parts Depot and 1 unit for equipment and equipment room.

This facility is also supported by 2 professional mechanics from PT. Bumen Redja Abadi, Sidoarjo who are ready to serve all types of repairs ranging from light to heavy as well as preventive maintenance for Mitsubishi Fuso trucks owned by PT. Muria Sumba Manis.

“This 2S Fleet Customers Workshop facility is a form of seriousness from the dealer and is fully supported by PT. “KTB is to provide optimal service to consumers, especially fleet consumers,” explained Hadi Surjono Halim, Operational Director of PT. Bumen Redja Abadi.

The presence of this facility supports the availability of spare parts at operational locations because there is a parts depot so that zero down time can be maximized.

Equipped with complete standard equipment from Mitsubishi Fuso, one of which is Fuso Diagnostic Tools, a special tool for diagnosing conditions and functions related to engines and sensors on Fuso Euro4 truck units.

There is also a service maintenance management system for fleet consumers, which is a service management system that can be controlled by fleet consumers to monitor Mitsubishi Fuso truck service activities that occur at the 2S Fleet Workshop.

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