Sunday 26 November 2023

With the number of electric vehicles circulating in Indonesia, electric motorbikes are still dominant


The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Arifin Tasrif, said that the number of electric vehicles in circulation as of October 23 2023 was 74,988 electric motorbikes, 20,414 electric cars, 320 electric tricycles, 80 electric buses and 10 goods cars. units.

“The government has a target of 5 million new electric motorbikes and 6 million converted electric motorbikes by 2025,” said Arifin, quoted on Sunday (26/11/2203).

Indonesia actually hopes a lot for electric motorbikes. It’s just that the policies implemented so far have not succeeded in tempting the public.

The absorption of subsidized electric motorbikes of Rp. 7 million has not been maximized, even though the conditions have been made easier.

This can be seen from the sales data of Sisapira (Two-Wheeled Motorized Vehicle Purchase Assistance Information System).

The government is providing subsidies for electric motorbikes in new condition of 200 thousand units until the end of the year, in fact currently there are 38 electric motorbike models registered for relief. However, it is recorded that there are still 186,265 thousand quota units.

A total of only 4,148 units have been distributed to consumers, 3,221 units have been verified, and there are still 6,366 units still in the registration stage.

Latest Electric Motorcycle Subsidy Conditions 

Minister of Industry Regulation Number 21 of 2023 concerning Amendments to Minister of Industry Regulation Number 6 of 2023 which regulates Guidelines for Providing Government Assistance for the Purchase of Two-Wheeled Battery-Based Electric Motorized Vehicles.

Through this latest regulation, the government has made a number of conditions easier for aid recipients. Among them are:

1. The recipient is an Indonesian citizen aged at least 17 years.

2. have an electronic KTP.

3. One NIK KTP can only buy one electric motorbike.

Based on the old regulations, apart from these three conditions, the government also requires that recipients of electric motorbike subsidies be recipients of people’s business credit, recipients of productive assistance for micro businesses, recipients of wage subsidy assistance and also recipients of 900 volt ampere electricity subsidies.

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