Saturday 25 November 2023

Honda Introduces New "Revo" 2024, What`s Special?


HondaRevo can be said to be one of Honda’s motorbikes which is known to be economical and suitable for hard work.

This motorbike is still loyal to Honda’s “duck” line up, along with the Supra

Unlike in Indonesia, in Vietnam, Honda has presented the latest generation of motorbikes that are related to Revo, namely the Honda Wave.

This manufacturer with the wing logo launched the Honda Wave RSX Fi 2024, bringing design changes and engine improvements of course.

Honda Wave RSX FI. (Honda Vietnam) Motosaigon reports that the 2024 Wave RSX FI comes with a PGM-FI 110cc 4-stroke single cylinder injection engine which meets Euro 3 emission standards.

As usual, what is special about this motorbike is its economy which is claimed to be capable of running with economy reaching 1.56 liters per 100 km.

In the vehicle security sector, the magnetic lock system still faithfully accompanies this moped.

In Vietnam, the price of this motorbike is set at 22,440,000 dong or around 14.3 million rupiah.

Will this motorbike also be present in Indonesia? Or will AHM release its own version of the motorbike on the same basis? Interesting to wait.

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