Sunday 26 November 2023

Toyota No Longer Uses Blue Circles as a Characteristic for Hybrid Products


Toyota is known to have long used a blue circle in the company logo to indicate that its products are equipped with a hybrid powertrain.

However, in the latest Camry product, Toyota no longer seems to use the blue circle in the company logo.

If usually the blue circle is found in the company logo, the latest Camry with a hybrid powertrain actually only uses a blue dot on the side of the words ‘HEV’.

In a social media post, Toyota revealed that the new circle symbolizes the company’s commitment to “the happiness of people living on earth and its desire to pass it on to the next generation.”

This means that this blue dot will replace the blue circle that is attached to the company logo which has been the hallmark of hybrid cars from Toyota.

A Toyota spokesperson who spoke with Motor Trend said that this change started with models such as the Camry, Crown, and the Prius hybrid car.

“This dot will also decorate the back of other new energy vehicles, including EVs,” he said, quoted Monday (27/11/2023).

If you look at other electric vehicle product lines, such as the RAV4, Venza and Corolla, they still don’t use the blue dot. This model article has not yet received an update.

As part of the company’s strategy for vehicles with renewable energy, Toyota will later use blue dots in its entire range of electrified products.

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