Saturday 25 November 2023

Astra Insurance Holds Little Financial Master & Emergency Roadside Assistance Tour in Kelapa Gading


Astra Insurance from PT Astra International Tbk–a national company that has 272 subsidiaries, including the automotive, financial services and insurance sectors–is again presenting a Field Trip class with the theme Little Financial Master & Emergency Roadside Assistance Tour.

Quoted from the official release as received by , this class for children has been held five times, and the location was chosen by the Astra Kelapa Gading Insurance Office, North Jakarta.

Little Financial Master & Emergency Roadside Assistance Tour is a class held by Astra Insurance in the form of financial literacy intended for children aged 3-10 years.

Astra Insurance presents free Emissions Testing as part of a series of play classes for car vehicles for parents of students who attend [Astra Insurance] This class is open to the public and is part of Astra Insurance’s efforts to support increasing financial literacy rates in Indonesia in accordance with the instructions given launched by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Must be specifically for children, classes are presented in an interactive and interesting way, to arouse the enthusiasm and willingness to learn in the participants.

This lesson is packaged in the form of dancing, singing, drawing and coloring activities, as well as an Office Tour of the Astra Kelapa Gading Insurance Office using a Garda Siaga fleet car.

 “The key to having financial stability is how we manage it, not just get it,” said Laurentius Iwan Pranoto, Head of PR, Marcomm, & Events Astra Insurance.

“Astra Insurance understands that it is not easy and is a challenge in itself to start discussing finances with children, let alone how to manage them. “So we provide a space that hopefully can instill understanding as a small step which parents can then continue on an ongoing basis in the future,” he continued.

The Astra Insurance Field Trip Class with the theme Little Financial Master & Emergency Roadside Assistance Tour is here with the aim of providing a learning space for students. parents for their children to get the opportunity to have a good understanding of financial management as early as possible [Astra Insurance] Financial knowledge itself is a broad learning and includes many things such as the value of money, how to get it, dealing with money wisely to avoid losses. 

So teaching young children to manage finances well is the first step in providing them with skills and strengthening the foundation for survival in the future. 

The financial literacy session was delivered directly by the Branch Manager of Astra Insurance Kelapa Gading, Rizka Addina Kusumadewi.

The class contains discussions about managing finances well and wisely. Also how to set aside the money you have for savings and not use it excessively.

It is hoped that knowledge and experience from this educational stimulation regarding insurance will be successfully embedded in a sustainable manner and foster good habits that will be useful for their future.

Moving on to the outdoor activity session, Astra Insurance also introduced the products and services offered through the Office Tour using the leading fleet, Garda Siaga.

An explanation of the process and role and service functions of Garda Oto, a vehicle insurance product from Astra Insurance, was provided.

This session reinforces the benefits and functions of insurance which will be ready to protect against risks and losses that are difficult to avoid so that you can rely on extra protection at all times.

Then, in line with the importance of providing a good environment for children as the nation’s successors, to support optimal literacy improvement while reducing air pollution rates in Indonesia, Astra Insurance provides bonuses.

This is a free emissions testing service as part of a series of children’s classes, aimed at parents’ cars.

Emission tests are important to determine performance and quality and monitor engine combustion efficiency. So you can see the suitability of motorized vehicles according to the emission regulations determined by the government.

Based on data from the Air Quality Index (AQI) air quality monitoring site, on November 24, Jakarta still had an unhealthy air quality index with a level of 158 and recorded a concentration of particulate matter pollutant 2.5 (PM2.5).

This figure shows that the air quality level is unhealthy for sensitive groups.

And in conclusion, Astra Insurance provided crystal guava plant seeds to participants who had carried out emission tests. The hope is that it will be well cared for to provide good benefits for the Earth today and in the future.

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