Saturday 25 November 2023

Nothing is Impossible, Minister of Youth and Sports Dito Ariotedjo Supports the Lake Toba Area on the 2025 WRC List


The name North Sumatra, especially the area around Lake Toba, is famous as a location for holding automotive sports in the rally category.

Including legendary, currently the Asia Pacific Rally Championship or APRC 2023 Lake Toba championship is being held.

However, if you look back, the name of Lake Toba as the rally location is truly extraordinary. He has hosted world drivers and navigators in the World Rally Championship series. These include the 1997 Rally of Indonesia.

The actions of the racers in the 2022 Raja Sprint Rally Jogja Cup as an illustration of the rally event (/Gagah Radhitya Widiaseno) Quoted from the Antara news agency, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dito Ariotedjo, directly inspected the implementation of the 2023 Lake Toba APRC which taking place in the Lake Toba area.

He stated that he would provide assistance when bidding for Lake Toba to host the 2025 WRC.

“Why is assistance necessary, because usually there must be a role for the government in this matter. Likewise, later when holding the championship there must be assistance from “government both in terms of budget and when looking for sponsors,” explained Minister of Youth and Sports Dito Ariotedjo.

He also said that his presence was a form of support for the implementation of the 2023 Lake Toba APRC.

The Minister of Youth and Sports stated why he really supports the Lake Toba area, North Sumatra if it is appointed as the host for the 2025 WRC.

Dakar Rally 2022 Jeddah, as an illustration (france24) “I think the momentum is very good and we must make the best use of it. This must be “We’re taking it because it will have a big impact on Lake Toba tourism. I don’t think it’s impossible to take this WRC series,” he said when met in Simalungun, Saturday (25/11/2023).

On the same occasion, the Minister of Youth and Sports expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI) for holding the Lake Toba APRC 2023 very well.

Moreover, this championship was attended by domestic teams and a number of other countries such as Thailand, New Zealand and India.

Until the second day of APRC implementation, the top three rankings were still held by Indonesian racers. These results prove that Indonesian racers can compete with foreign racers.

Dito Ariotedjo also expressed his happiness with the progress shown by the Indonesian rally team by using quality racing cars with various excellent equipment.

“The cars used by our racers are no less good than the cars used by world racers. This is of course proof that our racers are ready to compete with world class racers,” said Dito Ariotedjo.

“Once again, of course, we really support if the next WRC in 2025 will be held in the Lake Toba area. We briefly discussed our desire to hold a world-class rally on Lake Toba in 2025. This wish must be realized, nothing is impossible,” he closed.

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