Saturday 16 December 2023

2023 GT3 Supercar Touring Race Ready to Finish This Year, Audi Prepares a Line of Mainstays for Drivers from Neighboring Countries


Talking about Thailand is not limited to culinary and sea tourism as well as a shopping paradise at economical prices. For the two-wheeled and four-wheeled racing sector, a series of circuits scattered throughout the White Elephant Country are ready to drain the emotions and energy of the racers. Specifically for the four-wheeled racing sector, one of the automotive sports that is growing rapidly in this country is touring racing.

Quoted from the official Audi Sport Asia release as received by , Thailand Supercar GT3 2023 is one of the exciting touring racing events in our neighboring ASEAN member countries. The series leading up to the end of the year will be staged this week (16-17/12/2023) at the Chang International Circuit.

A number of teams that rely on products bearing the four rings logo, Audi, are competing in the championship, with a choice of five Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II units. One of them was launched by the B-Quik Absolute Racing team, aiming for the TSS The Super Series title.

A racer from a neighboring country, also a fellow ASEAN member, Vicente Floirendo from the Philippines, who competed in the amateur class, joined one of Audi Sport’s talented pro racers, 23-year-old Luca Engstler, to achieve achievements in this event.

Several ASEAN drivers are taking part in this championship, such as drivers from Malaysia, Akash Nandy, from Thailand, Adisak Tangphuncharoen, from the Philippines Vicente Floirendo, and from Indonesia usually present Andrew Haryanto [Audi Sport Asia]. After taking part in the race with the mainstay of the Audi team Other sports, Markus Winkelhock, Vicente Floirendo pocketed six points in the Thai Supercar GT3 standings. By gaining a maximum of 50 points from this 60 minute race, he is expected to be able to compete with the driver from Malaysia, Akash Nandy. As well as the B-Quik Absolute Racing team racer from Thailand, Adisak Tangphuncharoen. Currently, both are 16 points ahead of Vicente Floirendo.

Other candidates who will challenge Vicente Floirendo are two B-Quik Absolute Racing team drivers Henk Kiks and Eshan Pieris from Sri Lanka with a score of 19 points from the driver from the Philippines.

Meanwhile, drivers from China, Vincent Lin and Huang Ruohan will reunite for the final time this season, making their first appearance together on the FIA ​​Grade 1 circuit which stretches for 3,126 km.

Both impressed in their TSS debut at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit in August 2023, taking an overall podium and two GT3 Am Supercar class wins. This race marked Huang Ruohan’s first international competition and his first race with the Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II.

Other drivers who have the potential to make the race even more interesting include those from the B-Quik Absolute Racing squad, such as Lu Wenlong and Li Xuanyu.

For the record, 22-year-old Lu Wenlong has honed his racing talent through junior single seater championships or Formula racing in China, twice becoming vice champion, before moving to sports car competitions such as touring. In this sector he has achieved great success, especially in one-make race (OMR) racing.

Meanwhile, his future racing partner, Li Xuanyu, has achieved success in OMR, GT4 and touring car competitions.

Qualification for the TSS final round will start today, Saturday (16/12/2023) at 08:50 local time, and will involve two 15-minute sessions for determining grid positions. The race will be staged in a double-header format. The first race starts at 16:00 this afternoon, with the final race of the season starting at 12:20 on Sunday local time, UTC+07:00).

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