Friday 22 December 2023

3 Tips to Help Motorists Stay Safe When Riding in the Rainy Season, No Need to Be Complicated


Driving in the rainy season is something that makes motorists uncomfortable. This is because the roads are slippery which can trigger accidents.

Not only that, motorcyclists will definitely get wet while driving on the road if they dare to brave the rain without wearing a raincoat.

Before driving in the rainy season, motorbikes are obliged to use three safe tips to be safe when driving in the rainy season, reported by Astra Motor.

1. Wear a Single Raincoat

When the rain comes, motorcyclists should use a single model raincoat. Indeed, there is no statistical data that proves that a ‘Batman’ type raincoat can influence motorists in driving their vehicles.

However, there’s no harm in getting used to wearing a single raincoat. If you’re traveling in a group, bring two raincoats.

2. Avoid sudden brakes

Motorists must avoid sudden brakes when riding in the rainy season. The reason is, the roads are slippery and motorists will suffer accidents if they brake suddenly.

If you are going to brake in the rain, you need correct braking techniques.

Use the engine brake feature, to assist braking. Pay attention to the distance between the rider’s motorbike and other vehicles to avoid sudden braking.

3. The light must be on

Motorbikes currently have a light on every time the engine is started. However, some older motorbikes are not like this.

If it starts to rain, motorbikes should turn on the lights. This is done so that you can see the road clearly and also to see other vehicles.

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