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8 Unique Christmas Celebrations in the World, From Bad Santa to Mass on Roller Skates


At Christmas some people usually spend time with family, pray in church, exchange gifts, and carry out various other celebrations. This is done to welcome the joy of Christmas celebrations.

Meanwhile, usually different countries have different celebration traditions. Each country has its own characteristics in celebrating Christmas. Usually the traditions that are carried out have been around for a long time and have been carried out from generation to generation.

However, who would have thought that some celebrations in some countries are actually very unusual and unique. Some of these celebrations are very unique and attract attention on Christmas Day. So what are the unusual and unique Christmas celebrations in various parts of the world?

Launching the Holiday Extras page, here are several unique and unusual Christmas celebration traditions in various parts of the world.

Illustration of a Christmas tree and its decorationswhy is there a Christmas tree at Christmas (Pexels) 1. Bad Santa (Austria)

In Austria, there is a celebration known as Bad Santa, aka Bad Santa. This tradition is where Santa Claus, who is known as a friendly figure, actually looks very evil. They will look scary and scary than usual. Later, this bad Santa will hit the streets looking for children who behave badly.

2. A Cobweb Christmas (Ukraine)

In Ukraine there is a celebration of A Cobweb Christmas aka Spider Web Christmas. Unfortunately, this one originates from a folk tale about a poor widow who didn’t decorate the Christmas tree for her children. Because of this, spider webs are made to bring good luck so that children in Ukraine are not sad like the story of the poor widow.

3. Colonel Santa (Japan)

In Japan there is a Christmas celebration called Colonel Santa. This celebration started with the fast food restaurant KFC which created a slogan for Christmas. Later, people will come to the local KFC to enjoy special Christmas dishes.

4. Pickle in the tree (Germany)

In Germany there is a Christmas tradition called “Pickle in The Tree”. During this celebration, people will hide pickles in a tree branch. Those who can find the pickle will get a special prize. This will be a fun moment for children to celebrate Christmas with their family.

5. Roller Skate Mass (Caracas)

In the Caracas area of ​​Venezuela, there is a celebration called Roller Skate Mass. From here, people will perform Mass on roller skates on Christmas morning. In fact, the roller skates they wore were put on when they fell asleep at night. That way, when they wake up the community will be ready to say Mass on roller skates.

6. Festive Sauna (Finland)

Finland has a Christmas tradition, namely spending time in the sauna. Today believe Because the sauna became a place where the ancestors would come back. Therefore, people will spend time in the sauna as a form of respect for ancestors who have passed away.

7. Shoes by the Fire (Netherland)

In the Netherlands usually before December 25th, people will put their shoes close to the fire. It is hoped that Santa Claus will fill the shoes with gifts. Meanwhile, the shoes usually also contain carrots which are given to the white horse who brings Santa Claus home.

8.Belfana the Witch (Italy)

In Italy there is a tradition known as Belvana the Witch. This tradition comes from folklore where an old woman named belfana would visit houses to fill candy in hanging socks.

These are some of the unique Christmas celebrations found in various parts of the world. Meanwhile, there are many other unique celebrations that each country has. Usually people will hold various celebrations every year. This is also to continue the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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