Saturday 23 December 2023

Azizah Salsha`s fantastic income through exclusive content can reach 3 digits every month


Social media has recently been filled with content from Azizah Salsha and Pratama Arhan. Since getting married, the two of them have gained popularity with more and more fans.

It’s not surprising that Azizah, who is actually a Instagram celebrity and TikTok celebrity, is increasingly loved by her followers. Those interested in exclusive content on Azizah’s Instagram account even had a waiting list because there were too many.

As is known, Instagram does provide a subscription service. With this feature, enthusiasts are charged a subscription fee to access exclusive content from influencers.

Azizah Salsha Looks Elegant with a Chanel Collection of Tens of Millions (Instagram) Judging from the Instagram profile, Azizah Salsha’s exclusive content reaches IDR 68 thousand a month, if including VAT, then subscribers have to pay IDR 70 thousand.

This figure is considered high, because an actor of Angga Yunanda’s caliber only charges IDR 23 thousand.

In her exclusive content, Azizah Salsha shares her husband’s surprise birthday moment. The content that was leaked to TikTok was liked by more than 2000 accounts.

This shows that people who subscribe exclusively to Azizah Salsha have reached more than 2000 subscribers.

With a rate of IDR 70 thousand, Pratama Arhan’s wife can earn a minimum profit of IDR 140 million in a month. That figure could be higher if Azizah Salsha had more subscribers.

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