Sunday 24 December 2023

Buy a KX-Upgrade Electric Car and Take the Grand Vitara Hybrid Home Directly


Kurnia Motors presents a special end-of-year program to buy an electric car with a Suzuki Grand Vitara Hybrid as a prize.

Through the “Dual Electric” themed program, for every purchase of a KX-Upgrade Hyper unit priced at IDR 225 million, customers will receive a prize object in the form of a Suzuki Grand Vitara Hybrid unit.

The KX-Upgrade Hyper car itself uses a lithium battery with a range of 250 km at speeds of up to 100km/hour and is equipped with Electric Power Steering.

Assisted with a Solar Panel and ACDC Charger Port which of course increases safety and speeds up charging time. This opportunity is open only to the first 25 lucky buyers, marking the beginning of the exclusive Dual Electric program from Kurnia Motors.

“We are very enthusiastic about introducing this exclusive program to the public. By offering affordable electric cars such as the KX-Upgrade Hyper and giving the Suzuki Vitara Hybrid as a prize object, we hope to motivate more people to switch to sustainable mobility,” said Satria Bagus Narendra, representative of Kurnia Motors, Sunday (24/12/2023).

As part of the Dual Electric program, lucky buyers will not only get a Suzuki Vitara Hybrid for free, but will also become official brand ambassadors for Kurnia Motors for a period of 3 years.

The alternative for other unit promos is K-Kooper, but this K-Kooper unit promo is not part of the Brand Ambassador program. This tiny car with a tiny design is priced at a promo price of only IDR 65 million.

With this program, Kurnia Motors provides an alternative for consumers who want to own an electric car at an affordable price, as well as being part of the movement for a sustainable mobility future.

“This Brand Ambassador Program is not only about giving gifts, but also creating a community that cares about the environment and innovation. We believe that lucky buyers will become a strong voice in supporting positive change towards environmentally friendly mobility,” concluded Satria.

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