Tuesday 19 December 2023

BYD`s Strategy to Try Its Luck in the Indonesian Automotive Industry Through Electric Cars


President Director of PT BYD Motor Indonesia, Eagle Zhao, confirmed his entry into the Indonesian car market by bringing a range of electric car products in early 2024.

According to Eagle Zhao, BYD will focus on electric cars to enliven the environmentally friendly vehicle ecosystem which is currently being promoted by the Indonesian Government.

“We are currently still looking at the current market. Our target is to enter the Indonesian market, in the first semester of 2024,” said Zhao in Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Monday (18/12/2023).

BYD is actually not a new brand for the Indonesian automotive market. The brand has collaborated with the government by presenting electric buses in Jakarta.

Not only that, BYD’s electric cars have also been absorbed by the Bluebird taxi fleet.

Meanwhile in its home country, BYD has long removed Internal Combustion Engine or ICE based vehicles from their production range since April 2022. The company finally chose to focus on producing environmentally friendly vehicles.

“In 2021 we achieved a positive achievement by successfully producing 1 million units and becoming the first Chinese brand to succeed in doing that so that in 2022 we will no longer produce ICE vehicles,” said Zhao.

Furthermore, Zhao believes that BYD will bring vehicles that have been embedded with various kinds of advanced technology that can be accepted by Indonesian consumers in the future.

Even so, Eagle Zhao is still unable to provide more detailed information regarding its plans for the Indonesian market.

“We want to introduce EV technology to Indonesian consumers and hope they can understand us and ultimately accept our vehicles. BYD is not only about printing future vehicles, BYD is also the second largest player in the battery manufacturing industry in the world,” he concluded .

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