Friday 1 December 2023

Changing Fuel Types in Cars: Is It Safe or Risky?


The availability of various gas stations with different types of fuel often makes drivers want to try and change fuel types. However, how safe is this habit for your vehicle? Let’s discuss it further.

First of all, it is important to realize that switching types and brands of fuel is not a desirable practice for a long time. According to BP, although basically all types of fuel have the same constituent elements above the hydrocarbon chain, switching too quickly and frequently can cause problems with the vehicle’s engine.

Pertamax Green 95. Is it safe to change fuel?

One Time Change

It is not a problem if it is only done once, especially if it is done because of an emergency or lack of fuel. However, make sure to use up the replacement fuel before switching back to the type of fuel you normally use.

Prolonged Risk

Prolonged switching of fuel types can cause problems. Each engine has a different compression value, and switching too quickly can cause the engine to readjust its compression, potentially damaging engine performance and even making starting the engine difficult.

Illustration of petrol contents (pixabay) Differences in Configuration

Each fuel manufacturer has a different configuration, and this difference can affect the vehicle engine. Changing fuel brands with different configurations can shock the engine and cause problems in it.

Thus, even though one change of fuel may not cause serious problems, it is recommended to consistently use the type of fuel that is in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. This can help maintain engine performance, prevent damage, and ensure the smooth running of your vehicle in the long term.

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