Sunday 3 December 2023

Changing Pertalite to Pertamax, what is the effect? Check out the following 5 facts


Many vehicle owners are sometimes confused or forced to change fuel types, such as from Pertalite to Pertamax or vice versa.

Moreover, recently there has been a price change, where Pertamax was sold at a high price, now it is available at a price of 13,350 per liter.

However, what are the effects of these changes? The following is an explanation from experts summarized from various sources.

1. Engine Compression and Octane Value

Modern production car engines are often recommended to use fuel with octane above 92. Pertalite has an octane value of 90, while Pertamax has a higher octane value. Switching from Pertalite to Pertamax or vice versa, it can have an impact on engine performance due to differences in octane value. Engines that use low octane fuel too often can experience knocking, which makes the engine less responsive. 2. Knocking Effect

Knocking or tickling occurs when low octane fuel is used too often. Knocking can make the engine feel less powerful and responsive. It is recommended to use fuel according to the manufacturer’s recommendations so that engine performance remains optimal. 3. Fuel Consumption

Using fuel according to the manufacturer’s recommendations not only maintains engine performance but also increases fuel consumption efficiency fuel. Engines that use fuel with the appropriate octane can produce more complete combustion, resulting in more economical fuel consumption. for example when you run out in the middle of the road. However, frequently changing fuel types can cause problems. Changing fuel types quickly and repeatedly can cause engine performance problems, difficulty starting the engine, and even engine damage. 5. Consistency in Fuel Use

It is recommended to be consistent in use fuel and avoid unnecessary changes. Changing fuel types, such as Pertamax and Pertalite, or even different brands, can cause incompatibility with the engine configuration and potentially damage the engine. Conclusion

It is important to choose fuel according to manufacturer’s recommendations and be consistent in its use. Fuel changes that are too frequent and inconsistent can have a negative impact on the performance and reliability of the vehicle’s engine. Remember to always refer to the fuel usage guidelines provided by the vehicle manufacturer for optimal results and maintaining good engine condition Good.

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