Saturday 16 December 2023

Chery Omoda E5 has a console similar to a fuel tank, what`s its function?


Chery Omoda E5 is the first electric car product from PT Chery Sales Indonesia (CSI) to be produced using Completely Knock Down (CKD) in Indonesia.

By design, the Chery Omoda E5 appears to have a console that looks like a place to fill a fuel oil (BBM) tank.

However, explained by the Head of Brand PT CSI, Rifki Setiawan, the console has a Vehicle to Load feature.

“If you look, there is something similar to a hole for filling fuel or a tank hole, but its function is not for filling fuel. So globally, it is used for the Vehicle to load feature,” said Rifki Setiawan some time ago.

Chery Omoda E5 Electric Car Assembled Locally in Indonesia. (Photo: /Manuel Jeghesta) Vehicle to load is a feature that can supply the electricity needs of the Chery Omoda E5 for lighting and other emergency activities.

It’s just that this feature cannot be used for the Chery Omoda E5 which is marketed in Indonesia. According to him, this feature is not yet in great demand so Chery Indonesia is expected to cut this feature.

“Actually the Vehicle to load feature is available in several countries. So it is usually used for going camping and other things as an electricity supply from the car battery,” said Rifki.

Chery Investment in Electric Cars

PT Chery Sales Indonesia will invest IDR 250 billion to assemble the Omoda E5 electric car in Indonesia. This Chinese automotive company even claims to have received 400 orders for its newest product.

The assembly of the Chery Omoda E5, Chery’s first electric car in Indonesia, will still be carried out at the PT Handal Indonesia Motor production facility in Bekasi, West Java.

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