Wednesday 20 December 2023

Controversy about Andre Rosiade, Pratama Arhan`s in-laws once trapped a prostitute and ended up eating him


The figure of Andre Rosiade has recently become increasingly known as the father-in-law of footballer Pratama Arhan. Even though it is far from that, Andre Rosiade is an accomplished politician from the Gerindra Party.

Andre is a member of the DPR RI. There is no doubt about his strides in Indonesian politics, so various controversies often surround him.

As a politician, the following is Andre Rosiade’s controversy during his time as DPR RI.

Sitinjau Lauik Flyover Hoax

In 2022, Andre Rosiade once boasted that he had submitted a proposal for the construction of the Sitinjau Lauik flyover to the PUPR Ministry.

Azizah Salsha’s father claims that construction of the flyover will begin in June 2023 and be completed within a year, before he steps down as member of the DPR.

Unfortunately, information about the plan to build the Sitinjau Lauik flyover was denied by another member of the DPR from the West Sumatra electoral district, Athari Gauthi Ardi, who also sits on the DPR Budget Body.

Athari said Andre’s statement was fake news and just a ploy for political imaging.

Gerindra politician Andre Rosiade (Twitter/andre rosiade) Trapping of prostitutes

Andre Rosiade caused a stir when he and the West Sumatra Police Ditreskrimsus Cyber ​​Team conducted a raid on online prostitution practices at a hotel in Padang City on January 26 2020.

The raid resulted in the detention of a homeless woman with the initials NN by the West Sumatra Police. Head of Public Relations of the West Sumatra Regional Police, Stefanus Satake Bayu Setianto, said that the online prostitution practice that dragged NN was revealed thanks to Andre Rosiade’s information.

According to police information, Andre was involved in planning the raid at that time. This is proven by a receipt for the room reservation at the location of the raid in the name of Andre Rosiade.

Police during the raid kept the identity of the man who booked and was with NN in the hotel room a secret.

Andre mentioned that he did frame NN. Andre claimed that his entrapment did not violate the law because there was police cooperation.

Nevertheless, suspect NN felt he was treated inappropriately. The reason is, he was raided naked and had sex with the man who was his client.

The man called NN’s client was initially said to be an errand person paid by Andre Rosiade. However, when the room reservation receipt was revealed, the receipt was in Andre’s name.

Reply, Andre called it slander from the hotel. The raid actually ended up backfiring. Accused of slander, the hotel challenged him to take legal action but Andre avoided it.

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