Thursday 28 December 2023

Daihatsu Resumes Car Shipments From Indonesia Amid Safety Test Scandal


Daihatsu Motor announced it has resumed vehicle deliveries in Indonesia, two days after the Japanese automaker halted all domestic and global deliveries due to a safety testing scandal.

Indonesian authorities confirmed the safety of Daihatsu cars, as well as those produced under the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) brand.

Quoting Kyodo News, Wednesday (27/12/2023), Indonesia became the first country to give the green light to Daihatsu after the manufacturer was proven to be involved in a safety test scandal.

“Daihatsu said it would continue talks with regulators in other Asian countries to resume deliveries,” the report said.

Previously, Daihatsu Motor announced that it had stopped all vehicle deliveries both domestically and abroad.

This distribution cessation is the aftermath of the results of the safety test scandal investigation. The company found 174 violations, including misrepresentation of test results and vehicle vandalism.

From this case, Daihatsu announced that 64 models and three engines were affected in the global market. Some are currently on sale, some have been discontinued. Included are 22 models plus one Toyota branded engine.

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