Wednesday 20 December 2023

Denise Chariesta`s OOTD while looking after children, became her hobby of wearing button-front clothes


Denise Chariesta’s life once again stole the public’s attention after she gave birth to her first child, Jaden Bowen Yap. This time the trigger was the video content of Denise breastfeeding her baby directly or directly breastfeeding (DBF) which sparked controversy.

The reason is, Denise Chariesta is considered to have created content that netizens consider vulgar because almost the entire area of ​​her breasts is highlighted by the camera in videos broadcast on her YouTube. After becoming pregnant with her lover, Denise’s social media content discussed a lot about her child’s growth and development.

In an upload on her personal Instagram, Denise Chariesta also didn’t hesitate to post herself looking after Jaden, even though she looked a bit messy. Denise’s way of dressing has also changed somewhat after having children.

The 32 year old woman seems to be wearing button-front clothes more often to make it easier for her to breastfeed Jaden. The following is a summary of several OOTD portraits of Denise while caring for her child.

1. Wear floral pajamas

OOTD Denise Chariesta. (Doc. Instagram/DeniseChariesta) Still spending more time at home taking care of business and looking after children, Denise is also seen wearing her own pajamas more often. Apart from selling flower arrangements, Denise is also known to sell pajamas online which she calls “kaya holang pajamas”.

2. Wear a Front Button Dress

OOTD Denise Chariesta. (Doc. Instagram/DeniseChariesta) When celebrating Jaden’s 1 month old age, Denise appeared elegant and more covered by wearing a button-front dress with a sleek skirt. Denise’s makeup also looks simpler with a natural nude look.

3. Mother’s Fashion Negligee

OOTD Denise Chariesta. (Doc. Instagram/DeniseChariesta) aster is synonymous with being the ‘uniform’ of mothers at home. Likewise with Denise. When her child cried for milk, Denise immediately panicked because her breast milk had not come out. He also eats more so that breast milk production remains smooth. While carrying Jaden, Denise dressed casually, wearing a checkered negligee and draped a cloth over one shoulder.

4. Wear a Ruffle Dress Full of Buttons to the Hospital

Denise Chariesta’s OOTD. (Doc. Instagram/DeniseChariesta) Denise consistently wears clothes with front buttons open when she has to go to the hospital for Jaden’s immunization. She chose to wear a ruffle dress, full front buttons with a v-neck cut. Her appearance looks simple by simply wearing her long hair in a low ponytail and with minimalist facial make-up.

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