Friday 8 December 2023

For First-Time Buyers, Suzuki Offers Attractive Products That Get the Highest Rating at the 2023 GridOto Awards


Falling in love with a new car so you are interested in proposing can be done in several ways. These include watching automotive exhibitions, seeing examples in your own environment, and paying attention to various recommendations. As mentioned last, it is not limited to reviewing articles and videos. The forms of appreciation received by a vehicle model also mean a recommendation. Because when a product is decided to be “the best” it goes through a series of assessments and tests.

Talking about assessments, 2023 will be the sixth year that GridOto, part of the AUTOMOTIVE Group Kompas Gramedia (KG) has held awards for the best cars and motorbikes on the Indonesian market.

Quoted from the official release of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS), the 2023 GridOto Award gives four awards to three car models made by Suzuki Indonesia.

Suzuki Baleno [Suzuki] “We are very grateful to for the awards that have been given to Suzuki Indonesia. The four awards won by three of Suzuki’s flagship passenger cars are certainly a source of pride, as well as proof of the superiority of the cars which we present to the Indonesian market,” welcomed Harold Donnell, 4W Marketing Director of PT SIS.

For him, the award received by Suzuki proves their consistency and commitment in presenting the best vehicle in its segment. In its development, every Suzuki vehicle is designed taking into account the needs of each consumer. So it also provides added value through competitive product costs and ownership costs.

“Of course this is in line with our commitment to present useful products with the best quality for all loyal Suzuki customers,” added Harold Donnell.

“Through this award, we also want to thank all consumers who have trusted Suzuki to be their vehicle “a choice that can accompany the daily mobility of Indonesian people. This award is a proud achievement and motivation for us to continue to provide innovation in the products we have so that loyal customers can continue to rely on them,” he said.

For consumers in the first time buyer or segment. For those who are just looking to buy a car, including those who have moved from two-wheeled to four-wheeled vehicle users, the Suzuki S-Presso is available. The 2023 GridOto Awards awards The Best Total Cost of Ownership for the Compact Hatchback type for this product.

Present In its compact SUV design and offering various advantages, the Suzuki S-Presso can be chosen by first car buyers. After receiving various appropriate feature updates in early 2023, this car has not experienced significant changes in ownership costs so it remains affordable and attractive as an everyday vehicle.

Apart from the Suzuki S-Presso which received the title of The Best Total Cost of Ownership or ownership value at the best price, two other Suzuki products also received the same title, namely the best price ownership. Namely the Suzuki Baleno and the Suzuki New XL7 Hybrid.

As a hybrid car, the Suzuki New XL7 Hybrid, which won the Best Total Cost of Ownership award for Small MPV Crossover cars, is one of the mainstay models of family cars. Equipped with a powerful engine, capacity and spacious cabin space, and equipped with Suzuki hybrid features and technology.

What’s exciting is that providing hybrid technology to the Suzuki New XL7 does not necessarily change maintenance costs drastically compared to before, because there is no significant difference in terms of maintenance.

In line with the Suzuki models which succeeded in holding the title of The Best Total Cost of Ownership, the Suzuki Baleno succeeded in winning two awards at once. Namely The Best of Small Hatchback and The Best Total Cost of Ownership for the Small Hatchback type.

Equipped with a modern exterior and interior design, a powerful engine as well as the latest features and technology that increase driving comfort, the Suzuki Baleo has its own charm. Halfway through 2023, Baleno offers increasingly sophisticated features through the addition of a 360 degree camera to increase safety and a 9 inch Touch Screen Head Unit which is more functional and attractive to support the driving experience.

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