Wednesday 20 December 2023

For tips on car travel during the Christmas holidays, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor provides a free vehicle check service


The Christmas and New Year holidays have entered their implementation weeks, private car users traveling long distances should carry out a technical check of the vehicle they are traveling with. Including things that don’t seem to have any problems, namely window film.

Quoted from the official release of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor as received by , it was explained that car trips carried out during the day need to be made so that the driver does not feel tired quickly. One of them is attention to window film. If you make the wrong choice, too dark or too bright, it can reduce the eye’s accommodation capacity quickly, making you tired quickly.

Astra Daihatsu Motor stated that plans to travel using a private car, either for sightseeing or visiting relatives in their hometown for the occasion of Nataru (Christmas and New Year) is the moment they have been waiting for.

Preparing for the Christmas Holiday trip with PT Astra Daihatsu Motor [PT ADM]. This automotive company continues to get closer to customers by sharing tips and after-sales services to increase safety and comfort during travel. The goal is to make driving more fun with the family.

Here are tips for preparing for a holiday trip from PT Astra Daihatsu Motor :

Preparing your vehicle

Make sure the vehicle is in top condition. Independent check of the quality of oil, radiator water, brake fluid, ball joints, tire condition, air pressure and electrical parts such as head lamps, fog lamps, hazards and Air Conditioning (AC). Check the condition of the window film, especially for day trips and Bring eye protection so you don’t get tired quickly when driving later. Bring car mechanic support equipment or necessary tool kits such as jacks, spare tires, first aid kits, keys and other tool kits. So that the vehicle used is always in optimal condition, customers can carry out regular maintenance services at official Daihatsu workshops every six months or every multiple of 10,000 Km, depending on whichever comes first. Daihatsu is also ready to accompany people’s holiday trips to make them calmer, safer and more comfortable through the Daihatsu Sahabat Siaga program on 22-31 December 2023 by providing a Standby Post which is equipped with comfortable facilities and can be enjoyed when customers rest, as well as a Standby Workshop in several areas spread throughout Indonesia. others who have the potential to be transmitted through AC due to long journeys and could potentially be contagious. Bring medication to treat illness and personal medication. Bring enough items to fit the load in the car cabin and maintain visibility, especially the rearview mirror towards the back of the car. Bring the necessary documents, sufficient cash, and don’t forget to make sure that you leave the house for a long time. . During the trip

Use car features as intended, such as seat belts, use of hazard lights for emergency situations. Obey traffic rules and signs, avoid sudden braking by always maintaining a safe distance, always turn on the turn signal when changing lanes , and don’t communicate or make telephone calls while driving. The maximum distance for driving a long distance vehicle is three hours, then take a break. Do some light exercise to regain fitness and refocus after taking a break.

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