Friday 8 December 2023

Fried rice is called authentic Malaysian food, Fabio Quartararo: Isn`t it Indonesian?


One of the MotoGP racers, Fabio Quartararo, gave a firm answer when a journalist stated that fried rice is an authentic Malaysian food.

Fabio Quartararo had the opportunity to speak and answer questions to one of the journalists before the race.

He also told a long story when journalists asked him questions. Of these questions, there was one moment where one of the journalists asked about their favorite food in Malaysia.

“What is your favorite Malaysian food,” said the journalist, quoted from Youtube MotoGP.

Then the Monster Energy Yamaha racer asked one of the journalists again about the typical food recommended in Malaysia.

“Do you have any suggestions? “I don’t really know the names,” said Fabio.

The journalist then mentioned fried rice, which he called one of Malaysia’s classic foods.

Nasi Goreng Kambing ( “Nasi Goreng is a classic Malaysian food,” said the journalist to Fabio Quartararo.

Then, the French racer actually denied the statement made.

He said that fried rice is a typical Indonesian food, not Malaysian.

“But that (fried rice) is from Indonesia, right,” said Fabio.

Then, the journalist apologized if he said fried rice was a typical Malaysian food.

Fabio Quartararo also said that food in Asia is mostly spicy. So, before a race, he always eats rice and chicken with eggs.

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