Sunday 17 December 2023

Get to know the 3 conditions of tire slippage on motorbikes, here and how to overcome them


Road accidents are caused by many factors, one of which is tire slip. Usually these accidents happen to motorbikes.

Tire slippage is caused by a lack of grip on the road surface. Under these conditions, the motorist’s control over the vehicle they are riding in will be lost.

There are three conditions for tires to slip on vehicles when on the road. If we already recognize these three, then motorists can properly anticipate and overcome them if they experience them. The following are three conditions for tires to slip:

1. Braking Skid

This occurs because the braking is too strong, so the wheels lock and stop rotating. This condition can be called Panic Braking or braking incorrectly.

Drivers experience shock and panic after learning of a sudden danger, so they pull the brake lever or press the brake hard. In fact, if for example the danger is an object that is in front of you by suddenly braking, the object will be difficult to avoid and ultimately an accident will occur. So the tires lose traction and the steering cannot be controlled.

2. Power Skid

This is caused by opening the gas fully immediately (suddenly), or when on sandy roads or wet ground. In conditions like this, we should open the gas gradually.

3. Cornering Skid

This is the loss of tire traction on the road when the vehicle goes through a bend. This is because the front wheels have less traction than the rear wheels or vice versa. We should reduce speed before entering the corner.

There are several ways to prevent tires from slipping, such as regularly checking motorbike tire pressure, driving at a reasonable and controlled speed and also having to know the route you are going to take.

“The interests of driving safety must be above other interests when on the road,” concluded Astra Motor Yogyakarta Community Development & Safety Riding Supervisor Muhammad Ali Iqbal.

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