Saturday 23 December 2023

Get to know TCS, a car feature that is now available on motorbikes


Today’s motorbikes are slowly using a feature that is available in cars. One of them is TCS (Traction Control System).

This feature is often found in cars. TCS has an important role in safety when driving in the rainy season.

Now, this feature is also embedded in motorbikes. Its function is similar to that of a car.

Reported from several sources, the way TCS works is by utilizing a speed sensor which is usually on the disc plate. This data is then sent to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) system for correction.

When the motorbike accelerates, the engine transmits torque to the rear wheels. Excessive torque results in loss of friction with the asphalt.

At that time, the TCS starts to activate by sending data due to excessive rotation to the ECU. Next, the ECU commands the system to brake.

There is help from Antilock Bracking System (ABS) technology which is embedded in several modern motorbikes.

TCS will then equalize the rotation ratio between the rear wheels and the front wheels which makes the rider safe from tire slippage.

Usually when the TCS is working, an indicator will appear on the instrument panel on the motorbike.

The following is a complete video explaining how TCS works on motorbikes.

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