Wednesday 27 December 2023

Getting the nickname Crazy Rich Makassar, Citra Insani`s husband was once thought to be King Salman`s driver


An entrepreneur named Citra Insani has been in the public spotlight recently. This was the result of many arranged marriages between the girl from Makassar and Fujianti Utami Putri.

However, despite the excitement about the match between Citra Insani’s son and Fuji, the figure of the businessman nicknamed Crazy Rich Makassar has long been known to the public.

He is known as a wealthy entrepreneur who has various businesses. Starting from skincare, cosmetics, culinary, to Umrah bureaus.

Behind Citra Insani’s success in business, he apparently also experienced setbacks. Her husband even became a public target.

Starting from Citra Insani who uploaded a photo of her husband on Instagram, some said that the job of a man with Middle Eastern blood was a driver.

Source of Citra Insani’s Wealth (instagram/@citrainsani_87) Without hesitation, a number of people said that Citra Insani’s husband was the private driver of the Saudi Arabian royal family.

Nevertheless, Citra Insani is reluctant to bother. According to her, this was just slander that some people leveled at her husband.

“Just because there are lots of photos of my husband and King Salman together, there are people who are slandering me and want to bring me down. But let’s just leave it as a matter of sin between him and his God,” said Citra Insani.

Citra Insani also revealed that regardless of her husband’s real job, driving is a halal and blessed profession.

“Even if it’s true that my husband is a driver, so what? Is there a problem with the driver’s profession? It’s a halal job and a blessing, you know,” said Citra Insani.

“So I will not reply to anyone’s comments that insult my husband and me, just let him do that as long as he is satisfied,” he concluded.

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