Monday 25 December 2023

Gibran Rakabuming wore the watch during the vice presidential debate, Loosewood turns out to be a genuine MSME from Solo! Who is the Owner?


Gibran Rakabuming was caught wearing a local watch during the vice presidential debate on Friday (22/12/2023). Gibran can be seen wearing a watch made of light brown wood with a dark brown strap.

Revealed by the YouTube channel Berita Surakarta, the wooden watch worn by Gibran is a local product from an MSME from Solo called Loosewood.

It was stated that Gibran bought it about two years ago, namely in October 2021 during the Solo MSME exhibition. Interestingly, the wooden watch is made from broken skateboard waste. The price is estimated at IDR 650 thousand.

The Loosewood brand itself is quite well known. These MSME products were once selected to enliven the Tong Tong Market international event in the Netherlands. This product was chosen because of its uniqueness in utilizing used skateboard boards which are recycled into new products, one of which is a watch. So who does this brand belong to?

Original Made by Solo Residents

The owner of the brand is a young man named Andhika Praditya. He once revealed that the idea for making fashion accessories started from his hobby of skateboarding since 2009 when he was still in high school. He regretted that at that time he often saw broken skateboards thrown away.

Then in 2015, Andhika, who was still a graphic design student at Sebelas Maret University, began conducting research on processing and producing initial products in the form of rings and key chains.

Continuing at the end of 2018, Andhika made new products, namely glasses and watches. According to him, made from old skateboard boards, glasses and watches look more unique.

For prices, accessories such as earrings and rings start at IDR 100 thousand, while watches are IDR 400 thousand, and glasses IDR 700 thousand. Prices will be higher if there is a special request, such as glasses with certain lenses.

Store Location

Currently, for marketing in Solo, there is a workshop or mini gallery on Jalan Raden Saleh Stabelan Number 104. To expand market reach, Andhika also markets Loosewood through social media.

For raw materials, he also admitted that he could get more of them, namely from the skateboarding activist community which is increasing in number in Solo and other cities in the Central Java region.

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