Monday 25 December 2023

Hamish Daud`s Company Accused of Not Paying Employees` Salaries: This is a Portrait of His Luxury Home with Raisa in Bali


Hamish Daud, actor and husband of singer Raisa Andriana, suddenly became a hot topic regarding allegations of not paying employee salaries on the Octopus platform, the start-up company he manages. This news went viral after the X account @muthiastp.

“Hamish Daud is suspected of not paying his employees. Octopus is a platform that Hamish Daud and his friends built to collect used rubbish. Is there anyone who uses it too? The employees are not paid, but instead they go out for a walk, Hamish. How is this?” wrote the Twitter account @muthiastp as quoted Monday (25/12/2023).

The tweet was also accompanied by several uploads of several screenshots showing oblique comments from many employees who complained about the same thing.

Octopus itself is an application that supports a circular economy and can help producers track and collect used consumer products, whether they can be recycled or not.

Hamish Daud explained that this application is the work of the nation’s children which can be accessed to sort, collect and manage household waste. The 43 year old man joined in developing this application initially because he was invited by the founder of Octopus, Moehammad Ichsan.

This also surprised many netizens, especially amidst the news that Hamish Daud and his family are currently on holiday in Bali. This husband and wife’s lifestyle is also familiar with luxury, including the house he designed himself on the Island of the Gods.

This couple has made a special video or house tour regarding their new residence. The following is a series of luxurious portraits in a minimalist and Scandinavian style.

1. Contemporary Roofs

Raisa and Hamish Daud’s House Roof in Bali (Instagram) Starting from the front side and roof of the house, Raisa and Hamish Daud chose a gable roof with a wooden feel and equipped with lots of windows. As a result, their house is filled with direct sunlight during the day.

2. Living Room

Living Room of Raisa and Hamish Daud’s House in Bali (YouTube) When entering their house, we are immediately confronted with a living room that faces directly onto the swimming pool and kitchen. In another corner of the same room, there is a fairly large mirror with comfortable sofas.

3. Kitchen

Portrait of the Home Kitchen of Raisa Andriana and Hamish Daud. [Instagram/hamishdw] Raisa’s kitchen is apparently right next to the dining table. The shelves in the kitchen of Raisa and Hamish Daud’s house are emerald green which makes them look elegant. A gold pendant hanging lamp was chosen to illuminate the kitchen. All items appear arranged and neatly arranged.

4. Dining Room

Portrait of Raisa Andriana and Hamish Daud’s Home Kitchen. [Instagram/hamishdw] Next there is the dining room at Raisa and Hamish Daud’s house. A table and several wooden chairs were chosen for the dining table. Emerald green shelves and a straw box again make this room look simple but luxurious. Don’t forget a potted plant placed in the middle of the dining table.

5. Family Room

Relaxing Room of Raisa and Hamish Daud’s House in Bali (YouTube) Apart from having lots of windows or you could say glass walls, Raisa and Hamish Daud made the roof of their house very high, giving a majestic impression. Interestingly, there are two rows of sofas in the family room. The sofa in the back row is made higher for user comfort when watching television.

6. Home Yard Filled with Flowers

Raisa and Hamish Daud’s Home Page in Bali (Instagram) When the pink bougainvillea flowers bloom, the appearance of the front of Raisa and Hamish Daud’s house becomes even more beautiful. Both of them decorated their yard with various plants so it looked beautiful.

7. Bathroom

Bathroom at Raisa and Hamish Daud’s house in Bali (Instagram) One corner of the bathroom that Raisa shares is the sink. There are two plus-shaped faucets that seem to differentiate between cold or warm water. Dried flowers in bottle-shaped pots are also placed in the corner of the sink to add an aesthetic impression. Two small rolled towels were placed in a gold wire style box. Two lights next to the mirror were also added for sufficient lighting.

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