Monday 18 December 2023

Hard Motorcycle Front Brakes? These could be 5 reasons


A hard motorbike front brake is not only annoying, but can also endanger riding safety.

Knowing the cause is the first step to solving this problem.

The following are some common reasons why motorbike front brakes can feel hard quoted from the official Suzuki website:

Illustration of motorbike disc brakes (Pexels/Ekaterina Belinskaya) 1. Abrasiveness on the Discs and Brake Pads

Accumulation of dust, dirt, or abrasive particles on brake discs and linings can cause excessive friction. This makes it difficult to press the brake and increases the hardness of the brake pedal.

2. Oil or Lubricant on the Brake Pads

Spills of engine oil or lubricant on the brake pads can reduce the grip and responsiveness of the brakes. This can make the brakes feel hard and less effective.

3. Damage to the Hydraulic System

On motorbikes with a hydraulic brake system, leaks in the hoses, calipers or master cylinder can reduce brake pressure. As a result, the brakes become harder to press and less responsive.

4. Worn Brake Pads

Worn brake pads reduce the friction surface on the disc, making the brakes feel hard. Replacing worn brake linings is necessary to restore brake performance.

5. Uneven Brake Discs

Uneven wear on brake discs can create alternately rough and slippery surfaces. This can cause the brakes to feel hard and the motorbike to vibrate when braking.

Carefully identify the problem and consult a mechanic if necessary. Understanding the causes of hard motorbike front brakes allows you to take appropriate corrective steps and maintain your driving safety.

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