Tuesday 19 December 2023

How do motorbike spark plugs work? Here are tips for caring for it so that it remains optimal


Motor spark plugs are one of the key components in motor vehicle ignition systems. It is very important for vehicle owners to understand how spark plugs work so that they can maintain good spark plug performance.

Quoted from the official Suzuki website, here is how spark plugs work in full and provides tips for maintaining motorbike spark plugs so that they remain optimal.

How Motorcycle Spark Plugs Work

How motorbike spark plugs work starts when the spark plug is connected to the voltage from the ignition coil, producing thousands of volts. This voltage creates a voltage difference between the center electrode and the side electrode of the spark plug.

When a voltage difference occurs that exceeds the electrical strength of the gas, the gas will undergo ionization, changing it from an insulator to a conductor.

This allows a current of electrons to flow, increasing the spark gap temperature of the spark plug to over 60K.

This high temperature makes the ionized gas expand more quickly, triggering a small explosion between the spark plug electrodes. This spark plug has a similar principle to lightning or lightning.

How to Carry Out Maintenance on Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Motorcycle spark plugs require routine maintenance to ensure their performance remains optimal. The following are several maintenance steps that can be taken:

1. Check the thickness of the crust on the motor spark plug head

Checking the thickness of the crust on the spark plug head gives an indication of whether the spark plug is still suitable for use. Too much scale can reduce the performance of the spark plug and the voltage produced by the coil.

2. Cleaning the Spark Plug Head without Using Sandpaper

To clean the spark plug head, avoid using sandpaper. Sandpaper is abrasive and can damage the spark plug head, which is also abrasive. Use gentler cleaning methods.

3. Checking the Density of the Motorcycle Spark Plug Heads

Check the density of the motorbike spark plug heads regularly, ideally when changing the oil. This helps ensure the spark plug is functioning properly.

Motorcycle Spark Plug Replacement Time

Motorcycle spark plugs have a lifespan or life time. It is recommended to replace motorbike spark plugs at the same time as changing engine oil. This helps maintain engine performance and prevents problems that may arise due to spark plugs that are not optimal.

By understanding how motorbike spark plugs work and carrying out proper maintenance, vehicle owners can ensure that their spark plugs remain in optimal condition, supporting overall engine performance. Good maintenance of motorbike spark plugs can also increase fuel efficiency and extend the life of the vehicle engine.

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