Saturday 23 December 2023

How old is Sandrinna Michelle? Dating Style with Junior Roberts Reaps Criticism from Mother


Sandrinna’s mother Michelle again highlights Sandrinna’s lifestyle. He said Sandrinna’s current behavior was attributed to being brainwashed by someone irresponsible. This sparked Sandrinna Michelle’s curiosity at how old she was until she was still not able to freely determine her own path in life?

Sandrinna Michelle’s name has recently become a public topic of conversation after showing off her dating style with Junior Roberts on social media which looked ‘mature’.

Junior Roberts is a 23 year old Indonesian boyfriend and actor, while Sandrinna is only 16 years old. The difference in age and dating style has become a sharp focus between Sandrinna’s mother and netizens.

The mother also said that Sandrinna is now far from religion, often reveals her intimate parts, does not fast and eats haram food. Sandrinna did not remain silent about the insults from her mother and netizens. He uploaded a statement on TikTok stating that he was traumatized and was no longer comfortable staying at home.

The feud between Sandrinna and her mother is still widely circulated on social media. The controversy became even more exciting when netizens commented.

Many people don’t agree with Sandrinna dating Junior because of the huge age difference, namely seven years. Moreover, when they went public about their relationship, Sandrinna was only 15 years old and Junior was 22 years old.

Sandrinna Michelle’s achievements

Apart from the controversy, Sandrinna Michelle, who is only 16 years old, has actually had a career in the entertainment world since she was 8 years old. The following is a series of Sandrinna Michelle’s works in the entertainment world.

– Soap opera From General SMP (2020-2022)- Film Danur 2 : Maddah (2018)- Soap opera Bintang untuk Baim (2011) – Soap opera Nad Cinta (2011)- Soap opera Aishiteru (2011)- Soap opera Wife Who Was Betrayed (2013) – Soap opera Mermaid (2015)- Film This is Cinta (2015)- Soap opera Heaven that is Not Missed (2015) – DJS the Movie: Let Me Dance (2022)- Danur 3: Sunyaruri (2019)- Koki-Koki Cilik 2 (2019 )- Kuntilanak 2 Film (iflix Originals | 2019- Kuntilanak (2018)- Teman TapiMenikah Film (2018)- Danur: I Can See Ghosts (2017)- Unmissed Heaven 2 (2017)- Dear Love (2016)- There is Love in SMA (2016)- Tiger Boy (2015)- Romeo + Rinjani (2015)

List of soap operas starring Sandrinna Michelle

– Girl Titisan Jawara (Indosiar | 2023)- Aura (SCTV | 2023)- From the SMP Window (SCTV | 2020—2022)- Love for Love (SCTV | 2019—2020)- Dia (TV Series | 2017)- Life Minutes: Family Photos for Kejora (RCTI | 2017)- Mermaid (MNCTV | 2015)- Alfa (MNCTV | 2015 )- Teddy Boy (MNCTV | 2014)- The Wife Who Was Betrayed (MNCTV | 2013)

That’s the information about how old Sandrinna Michelle is.

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