Sunday 24 December 2023

Intending to see the sea of ​​clouds in Dieng, instead we found a sea of ​​people: this is what it looks like!


The Dieng plateau in Central Java, offers unique natural and cultural attractions. Beautiful views such as the Sikidang Crater, Telaga Warna and Mount Prau make it a popular tourist destination. The cool and fresh air at high altitude, complete with views of the sea of ​​clouds, creates a refreshing experience.

However, on social media, a video is circulating showing the influx of tourists visiting Dieng. Tourists were seen crowded together, including the elderly, children and adults.

“Today’s conditions in Dieng are jammed up to Sikunir Hill. Absence for now, guys, whoever is here,” wrote @Darwansyah_ on his TikTok account, quoted Monday (25/12/2023).

The view of the sea of ​​people was also uploaded by the account @ighthsumsi. He shows tourists queuing to enjoy the natural views of Dieng. Unfortunately, there was no sea of ​​clouds in sight.

“The intention was to see a sea of ​​clouds, but instead there was a sea of ​​people,” he wrote.

A number of netizens also commented on the phenomenon of the sea of ​​people in Dieng. Some say it’s best to avoid weekends, others say the influx of netizens cannot be avoided.

“Just a suggestion to Sikunir to avoid Sundays, never mind at the top, even at the bottom the car can’t get to basecamp, motorbikes are running out of parking spaces,” wrote Najakkk.

“It’s true that going to Dieng this year disappointed the people so much that they were stuck and couldn’t move,” said Mikapandiia.

“Basically, if you don’t want to go to Dieng on a holiday, there will be total traffic jams unless there’s no traffic jam on the road at 5 am,” said cin10.

5 Alternative Mountain Tours to Enjoy the Sea of ​​Clouds

If you want to enjoy the sea of ​​clouds but don’t want to go to Dieng because it’s crowded, here are 5 alternative tourist destinations that you can visit.

Visual of Mount Bromo in East Java, Monday (23/10/2023). ANTARA/HO-PVMBG Peak of Mount Bromo, East Java

Offers a panoramic view of the volcanic crater with a stunning sea of ​​clouds, creating a spectacular view.

Teletubbies Hill, Nusa Penida, Bali

Located on an exotic island, it provides views of a green valley surrounded by clouds, creating a magical atmosphere.

Ijen Crater, East Java

With its blue crater lake and enveloping clouds, it creates a beautiful picture of Indonesia’s natural wonders.

Enjoy the beauty of the Ijen Crater at the top of Mount Ijen, East Java, Friday (2/12/2022). (/Rima Sekarani) Puncak Lawang, West Sumatra

Presents extraordinary views over the valley with mist covering the surrounding forests and hills.

Kingkong Hill, Seram Island, Maluku

Known for its majestic sea of ​​clouds panorama, providing an immersive experience amidst vast unspoiled natural beauty.

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