Friday 1 December 2023

Italian Motorcycle Market Grows Double Digits, Electric Two-Wheeler Sector Declines Due to Incentives Stopped


The situation of the Italian national motorcycle market after the recent EICMA or 80th Italian International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition remains in an exciting condition. The Italian Two-Wheel Vehicle and Accessories Industry Association or Confindustria ANCMA reports that domestic marketing figures continue to grow by double digits.

However, ANCMA also underlines a different situation for the Italian two-wheeled electric motorbike or Electric Vehicle (EV) market. The intensive provision from the state for electric motorbike products which has ended means that this type of marketing is no longer as busy as before. When marketing promotion is carried out which is supported by the provision of incentives.

Quoted from the official ANCMA release as received by , closing November, the Italian electric motorbike market experienced a decline of 63.68 percent, called the worst result this year, and was only able to sell 544 EV motorbike units last month.

The completion of the term for providing state incentives is apparently capable of paralyzing the electricity market. Electric scooters are in very difficult condition, losing 70.98 percentage points or only 285 units can be sold.

Bad Bike Nuova Bad at EICMA 2021, as an illustration of Italian electric products  [EICMA]. “Given these data – which we read in the ANCMA note – it seems necessary to immediately reactivate the incentive with the help of a down payment of 5.6 million euros or approx. IDR 9.4 billion for prospective buyers. “The figures themselves come from the 2022 campaign and have not been used to date,” wrote ANCMA.

“Given that the market for electric four-wheeled bicycles (quadricicli elettrici) is expected to strengthen in 2024, an increase in Ecobouns funds allocated to the electric two-wheeled market must be realized immediately,” continued ANCMA.

Then, considering that the Italian parliament is currently discussing a revision of the road map for the two-wheeled vehicle industry, ANCMA hopes that their advice regarding efforts to promote the use of two-wheelers which has been submitted to the Government will be accepted. So in this way ANCMA able to maintain a positive sales trend.

The situation of continued encouragement of motorbike marketing in Italy is based on ANCMA’s 2023 sales results which will be the best since 2011, with growth reaching 16 percent compared to 2022 figures. To date, two-wheeled products have been registered for tax and ownership purposes it reaches 330 thousand units.

For last month, ANCMA recorded an increase in motorbike sales reaching 15.2 percent. Even though there has been a significant decline in the number of motorbikes, it is still in positive territory. Thus, 2023 continues to confirm conditions as the best year since 2011 for motorbike, scooter and moped registration trends in Italy.

Based on ANCMA data, with sales reaching 16,784 units, November is the month with the lowest performance for the 2023 market, but remains in positive territory (1.78 percent compared to 2022). It is estimated that the growth of motorbikes will continue to grow rapidly with an increase of 15.26 percent and recorded at 7,363 units.

However, for the first time during 2023, there was a decline in the scooter market (also due to the negative performance results of the electric vehicle sector compared to +43 percent in November 2022), which lost 3.88 percent and placed 8,382 vehicles on the national market.

Despite the slowdown last month, the cumulative market in 2023 continues to grow double digits: +16.07 percent and 327,866 units sold. The best performance remains in the motorbike sector with the number of registered vehicles amounting to 168,942 vehicles or an increase of 21.22 percent; Motorcycle performance was also very good, growing 14.84 percent with a total of 141,031 vehicles; Mopeds remained at the bottom with sales of 17,893 units, equivalent to a decline of 11.87 percent.

Soon 2023 will end, of course ANCMA’s hope is that sales figures will increase to prepare for the start of the year with the possibility of preparing new models.

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