Tuesday 26 December 2023

Just to play tennis, Nagita Slavina carries a Louis Vuitton bag worth a subsidized house!


Nagita Slavina is currently focused on her passion for playing tennis. Recently, Raffi Ahmad’s wife amazed the public with the branded items she wore while exercising.

In the circulating portrait uploaded by the @fanspage_nagitaslavina account, a 35 year old woman is seen carrying two large bags while going to play tennis. One of them is a green bag which is known to be produced by the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton.

The bag is a Speedy 40 Green which apparently has a fantastic price, reaching 9000 Euros or IDR 152.8 million.

Nagita Slavina, who at that time was wearing a blue jacket, was seen carrying a gray backpack containing two rackets. The bag comes from the Wilson brand and costs IDR 1.6 million.

Of course, even though her style looks simple when playing tennis, the hundreds of millions of branded items she wears have made Nagita Slavina a success in the conversation of netizens.

IDR 152 Million LV Bag for Playing Tennis By Nagita Slavina (Instagram) He is even willing to use this luxury bag to hold sports equipment. Netizens also wrote a series of funny comments.

“Bags at that price are used to hold tennis equipment,” said @gompxxxx.

“Help, wow, this is the land, the building of the house has been supported by Blio. Surprised, not surprised, Mama is teething at this,” added @vellxxxx.

“Feels like I’m carrying a subsidized house,” said @rizkxxxx.

“I want to sneeze so much when I see this,” said @diaxxxx.

This is not the first time Nagita Slavina has worn branded items while playing tennis. In fact, the outfits are often beyond reason because they are quite expensive.

For example, the tennis racket, which is an important tool for starting the game, belongs to Nagita Slavina, from the Head brand ‘Boom MP Racquet’ for IDR 4 million.

Not only that, the towel for wiping sweat was purchased from the MissoniHome brand, which cost up to IDR 1.5 million. Nagita Slavina once also wore a special bag from the Hindmarch brand for up to IDR 11.6 million.

Of course this makes many netizens wonder where the artist gets that much money? Nagita Slavina and her husband are currently known to have a number of profitable businesses.

Just mention RANS Entertainment which he manages. Just from creating content on YouTube, he has earned billions of rupiah. Not to mention if there are collaborations with a number of brands in it.

Apart from that, Nagita Slavina’s business is known to cover the fields of fashion, culinary and beauty. She has just released Nagita Slavina Cosmetics which provides a variety of cosmetics.

Gigi, her nickname, also has a premium mukena business which is priced from IDR 900 thousand to millions of rupiah.

Kekinian Nagita Slavina also launched a body care brand, Slavina, under the auspices of Rans Kosmetika. Through this brand, Nagita Slavina wants to present high quality but affordable body care products.

Nagita Slavina also earns a lot of money from her position as boss of Frame Ritz Production. This production house was made by Nagita Slavina’s mother, Rieta Amilia.

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