Saturday 2 December 2023

Lending KTP to Apply for Credit for Rewards, FIFGROUP Debtor Sentenced to 1 Year


The Tasikmalaya District Court sentenced a debtor to PT Federal International Finance (FIFGROUP) Tasikmalaya Branch to one year in prison and a fine of IDR 10 million.

As a result of his actions, the debtor with the initials IM was forced to spend 1 year behind bars in accordance with the decision of the Tasikmalaya District Court Number 303/Pid.Sus/2023/PN.Tsm on Thursday (2/11).

Head of FIFGROUP Tasikmalaya Branch, Asep Mulyana, said that the billing process will be carried out to consumers who are identified as registered in the credit contract.

“Even though the debtor claims that he is only lending his identity, legally the collection process is still carried out to the debtor whose identity is registered. “If the debtor does not have good faith in making installment payments, then legally the debtor has over-transferred the credit and this is an act that violates the law,” said Asep, in his statement, Sunday (3/12/2023).

Illustration of FIF Branch Office. (Photo: FIF) Furthermore, Asep appealed to the public to be careful about all promises of rewards and handing over their identity for free to irresponsible individuals.

Chronologically, IM is a debtor of FIFGROUP Tasikmalaya Branch who is recorded as having submitted a credit contract for a Beat Sporty type Honda motorbike with installment payments of IDR 742 thousand and a tenor of 35 months.

However, regarding the application for the credit contract, since the beginning of the installment payment process, IM did not show good faith in completing the credit contract.

Due to the delay in installment payments made by the debtor, FIFGROUP Tasikmalaya Branch has carried out a persuasive collection.

However, IM always refused to make installment payments because he argued that IM’s Identity Card (KTP) identity was only lent to other parties with the initials ST for motorbike credit applications.

Due to this bad faith, FIFGROUP Tasikmalaya Branch reported IM to the Police and through the investigation process carried out, IM admitted that his identity was only lent out with the promise of being given a reward of IDR 1 million.

This action is legally and convincingly guilty of violating Article 35 of Law of the Republic of Indonesia no. 42 of 1999 concerning Fiduciary Guarantees.

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