Wednesday 20 December 2023

No less than Titi Kamal, Christian Sugiono once spent money on his ride worth hundreds of millions


Titi Kamal caused a stir among the public because of the presentation at the Geng Cendol social gathering in the form of steak made from wagyu beef covered in gold. Apparently, her husband Christian Sugiono was no less excited.

Long before the news of Titi Kamal’s luxurious offerings, Christian Sugiono spent hundreds of millions on his mount. The vehicle is a 2017 Mercedez-Benz C250 AMG.

This was discovered when this 42 year old man visited the editorial office in June 2019.

Changes made to his ride include a body-kit, the use of 19 inch rims, and sports suspension can also be added so that the appearance is 15 mm lower.

On the body, he replaced it with white for the reason of highlighting the details of his favorite ride. However, it was not stated how much it would cost to modify the luxury car.

Christian Sugiono himself advised family men who have a modification hobby to keep their children and wife number one.

Christian Sugiono poses with his Mercedes Benz car during a visit to the editorial office, Jakarta, Wednesday (26/6). [/Muhaimin A Untung] “For fans of modified cars who already have families, if you can, my advice is: don’t stop playing with modifications!” said Tian, ​​who is known as Christian Sugiono when he visited the editor some time ago.

“After all, the wife’s children are number one. Don’t let buying car accessories always come first, so that your wife will scold you. Because of wheel rims, for example, you always buy the newest product, while your family comes second,” he added.

Specifications for the Mercedez-Benz C250 AMG

Christian Sugiono’s car is equipped with a DOHC engine with a capacity of 1991 cc which is capable of producing up to 207 hp with a maximum torque of 350 Nm.

Various safety features are ready to protect the driver. The Sport Agility Control Suspension application should make the C250 AMG’s handling feel tempting.

This car is claimed to be able to reach a maximum speed of up to 250 km/hour. As for the price, this luxury car is priced at IDR 879 million.

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