Thursday 21 December 2023

No need to worry, here are tips for riding an electric motorbike in the rainy season


Electric motors have an advantage in environmentally friendly matters. However, quite a few electric motorbike users are worried about riding them during the rainy season.

They are afraid that the electric motorbike will have problems when used in the rainy season, such as short circuits.

To overcome these concerns, there are several important tips that electric motorbike users should know.

There are 4 tips that electric motorbike users can try, reported from various sources.

1. Avoid submerging electronic parts in water

Electric motorbike users would be wise to avoid submerging electronic parts in water.

Although some electric motors are waterproof, too much water can damage sensitive electronics.

2. Avoid high puddles of water

Motorists should look for roads that don’t have a lot of puddles of water when driving in the rainy season.

If motorbikes are forced to pass through puddles of water, make sure the height of the puddle is no more than 30 cm. If it is higher, you should avoid passing it.

3. Pay attention to the battery and motorbike performance

The performance of an electric motorbike battery can be affected by rainwater. Before driving, motorcyclists should check whether there are any problems arising from exposure to water.

4. Reduce speed and pay attention to motorbike response

When driving in the rainy season, you should not speed. Drive smoothly to see if the motorbike reacts on wet roads.

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