Thursday 7 December 2023

Not a motorbike or sports car, this is Iwan Fals` dream vehicle which is not a tin can


Iwan Fals has a dream vehicle which has now become a reality. Unfortunately, this vehicle is not a motorbike or sports car which has an expensive price.

As a musician, Iwan Fals has a fantastic amount of wealth. However, the 62 year old man chose to look simple.

Long before he was as famous as he is today, Iwan Fals once dreamed of owning the vehicle he dreamed of.

Usually, some musicians choose motorbikes or sports cars which have fantastic prices. However, this does not apply to Iwan Fals.

The singer of the Bento song actually chose a vehicle that wasn’t a tin can. This can be seen in an upload from his personal Instagram account, @iwanfals.

Iwan Fals with his dream vehicle, Mitsubishi Fuso (Instagram/iwanfals) In the upload, he uploaded a photo of himself posing next to the Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel FE SHD-X HI-GEAR truck.

“In the past I only dreamed of having a truck. But now thanks to hard work, I have a Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel truck. Never disappointed, a reliable and tough vehicle,” wrote Iwan Fals

This truck, which is usually used for business, has become a dream vehicle Iwan Fals. So why does Iwan Fals like trucks?

Mitsubishi Fuso has indeed collaborated with Iwan Fals as brand ambassador. Even at the 10-city roadshow concert performed by Iwan Fals, the singer of the song Bento received a Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel FE74 Long, which had been modified into a stage.

Iwan Fals’ taste in vehicles is not cans.

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