Wednesday 27 December 2023

Personality Test: Judging a Person`s Character Through the Length of Their Fingers


Every part of the human body can basically show its own personality, including the fingers. Yes, finger length can be a personality test tool that reveals a person’s character.

What you have to pay attention to is the length of the index finger and ring finger. The length of these two fingers can reveal a hidden personality.

According to the Jagran Josh page, the following is the personality a person has based on the length of their index finger and ring finger.

1. The ring finger is longer than the index finger

Those whose ring finger is longer than the index finger are usually known as charismatic and full of charm. They have high self-confidence and do not hesitate to take risks. This is because they determine things in a firm way.

They are also known to be hard workers, and usually will not stop until the task they are carrying out is completed. They also don’t like living freely and making small talk without knowing the goals they want to achieve.

Even though they look very serious, they are very friendly figures. They are very popular figures when it comes to socializing with the people around them.

2. The index finger is longer than the ring finger

If the index finger is longer, then it shows someone who is very aggressive. This is because they have high self-confidence. Because of this nature, they will be very suitable to be a leader. They will not hesitate to make decisions for the common good.

They are also known as people who are very calm in thinking, and will consider all the consequences carefully before making a decision. Apart from that, they are always calm in facing various difficult situations. This makes it very reliable at certain times.

However, those with longer index fingers like to be alone. They will usually have time to themselves.

3. The index finger and ring finger are parallel

If the ring finger and index finger are parallel, then they are a person who is very calm and good at communicating. They usually always act as intermediaries or mediators in an existing problem.

This calm nature also makes it a place for many people to tell stories. Moreover, they are usually known as good listeners. Therefore, people will feel comfortable telling them about their problems.

Owners of parallel ring and index fingers are also known to be affectionate. They do not hesitate to show empathy and love for others. Therefore, they are usually very favorable figures when it comes to working together

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